sun records

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please note:

fakes and reprints of elvis ´sun records are numerious.

if you like to buy one via the internet, please take care of the 

following advices:


  • officially reprints are signed on the label or in the trail off wax as such (production year etc.)
  • originally sun records were only printed in black vinyl
  • there were never picture sleeves available
  • there were never white label promos
  • there were never any elvis ep´s originally released on the sun
  • most of the original sun 45´s (probably not all) are easy to identify at the 3 push marks on the label.
  • any sun 45 or 78 with 1973 stamped in the trail off wax is a reprint

sun "push marks"???

"push marks", no doubt, developed their own brand of notoriety that

their presence on any of the first 4 (!!) sun issued elvis 45 rpm 

records were an almost indisputable sign of genuineness. 

elvis´ last sun single (sun 223) carries no push marks!! at this time a 

newer machine was used for pressing.

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that´s all right / 
blue moon of kentucky

sun 209 / uk reprint 2000 

good rockin ´tonight / 
i don´t care if the sun don´t shine

sun 210 / usa 78 rpm schellack

sun 210 / uk reprint 2000

milkcow blues boogie / 
you´re a heartbreaker

sun 215 / uk reprint 2000

baby let´s play house / 
i´m left, you´re right, she´s  gone

sun 217 / usa

sun 217 / uk reprint 2000

mystery train / 
i forgot to remember to forget

sun223 / usa 78 rpm schellack

sun 223 / uk reprint 2000

tomorrow night (extended play)

sun101-6 / uk

elvis 80
that´s all right /
blue moon of kentucky (alt. take)

special edition celebrating elvis ´ 80th birthday in january 2015.

this single was only available with the "rolling stone" magazine.

side 2 contains an alternate take of "blue moon of kentucky".

sun 209 / austria / germany

the sun years (lp)

sun-1001 / usa 1977


elvis at sun (lp)

828766120516 / eu