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a very special "thank you" to  jaap van der leij  from the netherlands.

he gave me many additional infos about the records presented in this



please note:

first listed by year are severall records (singles & albums) by other 

labels mainly produced in europe.  following this records you´ll find

various "bootleg" so called  "import" albums. however, they are not

listed by the year of  their release, rather than the time were they 

were recorded.

chapter 1:
other labels



mega rare single sided disc: contains 10 different radio spots 

promoting the "roustabout" movie. the back of this disc is blank.

sp-2406 / paramount pictures 


1970 (??)
that´s the way it is

i have no information about this one. if somebody knows anything 

about this release, please let me know.

lsp - 4445 / usa / verification pending


having fun with elvis on stage

in 1974 elvis ´manager colonel tom parker had the idea of releasing

a lp album, where rca would own no right on. so parker released this

album, with elvis speaking on it on his own label - boxcar. the album

was later made official by rca and marketed as a regulary concertalbum.

boxcar - no number / usa 


???? (1974)
having fun with elvis on stage
vik apm1-0818  / verification pending


having fun with elvis on stage - volume 1

please note: no official boxcar label exits at the time.

label is used for countless import releases today. album has the 

same content like the boxcar and rca-victor issue first released in


boxcar - no number


having fun with elvis on stage - volume 2 (10" lp)

this is a sort of a follow up to the original having fun with elvis on 

stage, that was officially released in 1974. (see album above). the 

front cover use the same design as the original back in 1974, though 

with new pictures. the back-cover is like the original. the content is 

taken from different soundboard bootlegs released in the last years.

boxcar - no number / uk


having fun with elvis on stage - volume 3 (10" lp)

boxcar - no number / uk 


les 40 plus grands succe´s 
(2lp set)

released by arrangement with rca records.

this set was mainly available via tv mail order.

k-tel ep 001 / france

pure gold

for more information look at the rca-victor "pure gold" lp (1975)

opus 9113 0625 / cssr 


the elvis tapes

contains the vancouver press conference (1957)

fontana 9199237 / germany 


the elvis tapes

redwood - red1 / germany 


elvis ´love songs

this compilation of love songs was very succesful in germany and 

austria reaching #3 and #10 on their national charts.

k-tel tg-1237 / germany


k-tel tg-1237 / austria

probably the only elvis album which was actually manufactored in 




nice gospel compilation.

liner notes written by todd slaugther.

k-tel ne1101 / uk 1980


the ulimate performance

compilation of live recordings recorded between 1969 - 1973.

k-tel ne1141 / 1981


balkantone was created as the bulgarian state label in late 1952. 

records from the balkanton label were released in the ussr and many

other eastern block countries as well.

balkanton bta-11492 / bulgaria

country music

one of a series of 20 country music lp´s, which were generally sold in

u.s. supermarkets.  this is the only elvis album in this series.

time life stw-106 / usa

the king is dead

this album contains parts of the famous "tony prince show" from 

radio luxembourg. recorded live on air on august 16th 1977 (evening


magnum force mflp-1015 / uk 


18 classic love songs

nice compilation of love songs, nearly spanning his whole career, as

it includes tracks from 1958 - 1976.

star records lp-8911 / netherland 


elvis presley volume 1

the german label "europa" was founded in 1965. it is best known for 

it´s radioplays, but also has a history for musical releases. the 

parent company "miller international schallplatten gmbh" was 

required from "bmg" and later renamed to "bmg ariola miller gmbh" 

in 1989. now the label is a part of sony music. in the 1980´s a lot of 

elvis tapes were released by "europa". the 4 vinly lp´s released by 

the label are presented here.

please note: 

for unknown reason the  1970 recording "whole lotta shakin ´goin on

" can be found twice in this collection. on volume 2 and volume 3.

europa 111302.0 / germany

elvis presley volume 2

europa111303.8 / germany


elvis presley volume 3

europa 111304.6 / germany

elvis presley volume 4

europa 111305.4 / germany

pictures of elvis volume 1

between 1982 and 1987 the "all round trading" label released 

severall records.(by elvis and many other famous artists). 

however, this lp´s and box sets only included material from

the 1950´s. in those day´s denmark had different copyright laws 

which meant, that 25 years after their release, recordings became 

"public domain" . though the records were released in denmark, most 

of them where pressed in germany. this records could be regulary 

sold in the eu. most of their albums were also available as picture 

discs. in 1987 they came up with a label called "maybelene" where 

about 100 picture disc singles were released. the "all round trading" 

label disappeared in late 1987.

all round trading ar31021 / denmark

pictures of elvis volume 2

all round trading ar30002 / denmark 


pictures of elvis (2lp set)

reissue of both albums listed above.

probably issued in 1984 / verification pending

all round trading historia 2-765 / denmark

elvis presley - star album 
(4lp box set)

all round trading / denmark 1982



all round trading ar31020 / denmark

lover doll

a beautiful picture disc, one more time from denmark.

side 1 contains six tracks from the "king creole" album while side 2 

feautures various 1950´s hits.

ncb /all round trading 30023 / denmark 


elvis presley

contains previously released songs from 1954 - 1956

the entertainers ent-lp13.011 / italy

true love

all round trading ar31062 / denmark

20 love songs

one more time a compilation of previously released early hits.

like the "all round trading " records, this album was manufactured in 

germany but officially released in denmark.

flashback 34037 / denmark

20 rock & roll hits

one more time a compilation of previously released 1950´s hits.

like the "all round trading " records, this album was manufactured in 

germany but officially released in denmark.

flashback 34038 / denmark

wear my ring around your neck / i need your love tonight
(45rpm single)

possible the first elvis picture shape.

1000 copies made

ncb/all round trading pb020 / denmark 


way down / moody blue
(45 rpm single)

old gold - 9758 / uk 

the fifties interviews

magnum force mflp 074 / uk


through the years - 
good luck charme

jezebel pd11011 / netherlands

elvis live in the 50´s  -
the complete tour recordings
(2lp set)

this limited edition produced by the "memphis recording service" 

contains for the first time ever, the complete archival live tour 

recordings of the 1950's by elvis presley. all of the 34 tracks are 

re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology and includes a 

bonus track of recently discovered material.

the bonus 24 page gatefold photo album has many rare and 

unreleased photographs and every show listing (including the 

louisiana hayride) of the 1950's.

mrs mrv40005557 / e.u.

le retour d´elvis / his hand in mine (2lp set)

limited edition 2016 french 24-track double lp issued exclusively for

record store day, pressed on 180gram vinyl. le retour d'elvis is 

pressed on blue vinyl & his hand in mine on white, housed in a deluxe

hand numbered gatefold sleeve featuring the artwork for both 

albums front & back with alternate artwork & alternate tracks, 

sealed from new with an obi-style strip. what is also special on this 

release that the indivdual tracks are not the well known masters 

rather outtakes many of them not available on vinyl before. limited 

to 1000 copies. 

vpi 430.324 / 430.340 / france

chapter 2:

tonto to300

germany / 1985

recorded at the home of eddie fadal, summer 1958, waco, texas.

this album was also available in multicoloured vinyl.


laurel lpm-8660
in my way

netherlands / 1986

contains outtakes from "wild in the country" & "blue hawaii" (1961)


tcb records 81160
the complete wild in the country sessions volume 1

italy / 1980´s

contains outtakes from "wild in the country" recorded in 1961


tcb records 81160
the complete wild in the country sessions volume 2

italy / 1980´s

contains outtakes from "wild in the country" recorded in 1961


takrl 24912
trouble bound (2lp set)

usa / late 1970´s

a scarce unofficial double album containing unreleased material on 

"the amazing kornyfone record label" (takrl 24912). produced in 

southern california in the late seventies it was originally only 

available on mail order. contains songs spanning severall years. 

although a few tracks are surely not sung by elvis , they are not 

identified as such.


audifön afns-62768
the burbank sessions volume 1 (2lp set)

germany (?) / 1979

contains the shows from june 27, 1968

audifön afns-62968
the burbank sessions volume 2 (2lp set)

germany (?) / 1979

contains the shows from june 29,1968

tonto ts200
susie q

italy / 1985

contains various studio and live recordings from the late 1960´s and

early 1970´s in a very poor audio quality.


e.p. records prp-143
live experience

usa / 1970´s

recorded february 21, 1971 at the las vegas hilton.


vicky records 0214
live in virginia

italy / 1989

recorded live at hampton roads coliseum, va., april 9, 1972, evening

show. (soundboard recording)


amiga 573210
aloha rehearsal show - 
kui lee cancer benefit

usa(?) / 1979 (?)

in this case the name of the east germany label "amiga" was used. of

course this is not a legal "amiga" issue. the record includes the show

from january 13, 1973. see also "the alternate aloha" (1988)


bilko lps-1591
stax trax

e.u.  / 1989

undubbed version of the "promised land" album recorded in 1973.


nugget lp-1064
command performance

usa / 1978

contains live recordings mainly from las vegas between 1970 - 1974


live stage production 72722
rockin ´with elvis april fool´s day

usa (?)/ 1980´s (?)

recorded at the las vegas hilton, april 1, 1975. nice show from an 

audiance tape, the last two songs are taken from the "elvis recorded

live in memphis" album.


geneva records (no number)
america´s own (2lp set)

usa (?) / 1980

very good show recorded at the nassau coliseum, july 19,1975.

tcb 81975ep
the request box shows

italy / 1991

very beautiful record with a superb cover and a pink coloured disc.

"tcb" stands for the "elvis motto" "taking care of business". 

of course a "tcb record level" never officially existed.

recorded at the las vegas hilton on august 19 and august 20, 1975


spirit of america hny-7677
rockin ´with elvis new year´s eve (2lp set)

usa / 1977

one of his best concerts of all time, recorded live in pittsburgh, 

december 31, 1976 & january 1, 1977. the "ftd" label later released 

this concert on a 2 disc set. but this vinyl record outshines any other 

releases of this show.

e.p. records prp-78-1
the last farewell - live from indy (2lp set)

usa / 1978

elvis ´ finale concert, recorded on june 26, 1977, market square

arena, indianapolis.

dog vomit sux-005
elvis ´greatest shit

usa / 1982

the first release of this record dates back to the early 1980´s. then 

it was only pressed on black vinyl and the label had no info. the 

second run was pressed on green vinyl with a white label. all 

releases included a copy of the last receipt by dr. nick  from august

15, 1977 (pictured below)


vault records eap-1020
long lost songs

verification pending