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elvis´golden records

"elvis ´golden records" is his 5th album released by rca-victor. it is

the first of a total of 5 "gold" or "golden records" albums. volume one

contains hit singles released in 1956 and 1957 respectively. it is also

believed that this is the first "greatest hits" album in rock´n roll 


lpm-1707 / usa 


lpm-1707(re) / usa 

same as cover above, except has "re" to the right of selection 

number and slick stock is glossy.


lpm-1707 / canada 

lsp-1707(e) / usa (reissue 1968) 


le disque dór d ´
461037 / france (reissue 1970´s) 

very rare france reissue from the 1970´s. 

the album cover backside pictures elvis at the "aloha from hawaii" tv 



xlpe-1707 / canada ( reissue 1978)

very rare canadian reissue pressed on gold vinyl.

lsrca 70698 / yugoslavia (reissue 1978)

please note:

this version of "elvis golden records" was first released in the u.k. in

1970. (sf 8129).

not only the cover is different on this release from yugoslavia, also 

the tracklist has changed. "loving you, jailhouse rock, teddy bear, 

treat me nice" are not included in this issue. they were replaced by "i 

love you because, you´re a heartbreaker, i´ll never let you go, i 

forgot to remember to forget"

us pop #03

us cashb
ox #05

united kingdom 


50.000.000 elvis fans can´t be wrong-elvis´gold records volume 2

one of the most famous record covers in the rock´n roll history.

this is volume 2 in the gold record series . a compilation of hit 

singles released between 1958 - 1959.

lsp-2075(e) / usa (reissue 1970´s) 

lsp-2075 / germany (reissue 1970´s)

nl-89429 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

1959 (1962)
los discos de oro de presley - 
100.000.000 de admiradores no pueden estar equivocados

lpm-2075  / argentinia

when rca-victor released "elvis gold records volume 2 in argentinia in

1962, it was figured that the number of elvis fans had doubled. 

however, the backcover features the number of fans which were 

actually  used for the original u.s. release.

us pop #31

us cashbox #14

united kingdom #04


elvis´golden records volume 3

the 3rd volume of "elvis ´golden records" contains hit singles from 

1961 - 1962.

lsp-2765 / usa 

lpm-2765 / canada

lsp-2765 / germany (reissue 1970´s)

nl-82765 / germany (reissue 1990´s)

ra-5263 / japan /verification pending

us pop #03

us cashbox #04

united kingdom #06

canada #79

elvis´gold records volume 4

volume 4 in this series contains hit singles released between 1961 - 


lsp-3921 / usa 

lsp-3921 / germany (reissue 1970´s)

us pop #33

us cashbox #31


elvis´gold records volume 5

volume 5 in the gold record series was released posthumously in 

1984, containing various hit singles released between 1968 - 1977. 

volume 5 was the only gold record album which failed to make the 

billboard #200 (it peaked at  #207)

pl-84941 / germany 


0786367466 / eu (reissue 1997) 

rare 180g virgin vinyl reissue. contains 6 bonus tracks .

us pop #207



a legendary performer volume 1

beautiful package including a booklet and a picture suitable for 

framing. finally 4 volumes  of this series were issued between 1974 

- 1983, with increasing amounts of previously unissued material. this 

first volume included unreleased performances from his 1968 tv 

special, an alternate version of the sun recording - "i love you 

because" and the first american release of "tonight´s all right for 

love". this was the first time rca-victor began seriously releasing 

such a material.

cpl1-0341 / germany


cpl1-0341 / usa

please note:

the booklet included in this package has the same content and layout

like the release from germany. (pictured above).

us pop #43

us cashbox #32

us country #01

united kingdom #20

canada #48

australia #34

a legendary performer volume 2

beautiful package including a booklet and a picture suitable for 

framing. as with the first volume, this collection was a mixture of 

 previusly released and unreleased songs.  also like in volume 1 

therea many performances from the 1968 tv special included.

cpl1-1349 germany 


cpl1-1349 / usa

please note:

there is a very rare  misprint from this album available. (pictured 

 below) this disc is without the false starts and outtakes on "such a 

night" and  "a cane and a high starched collar". mistakenly has only 

the complete take of both songs. also, the record label is noticeably 

darker than the normal disc.

the booklet included in this package has the same content and layout

like the release from germany pictured above.


cpl1-1349 / usa 

standard release without extras.


us pop #49

us country #09

united kingdom #27

canada #35

australia #87


a legendary performer volume 3

volume 3 ist the first to be released after elvis ´dead and the last 

until 1983 (volume 4). like volume 1 and 2, this album is a mixture of

previously released and unreleased recordings. for example "danny" 

from "king creole" and "britches" from "flaming star" made their 

debut on this album. it was available a short time with a picture disc 

(see pics below).also included was a booklet and a picture suitable 

for framing.

cpl1-0378 / usa 


pl-13082 / germany

standard release on black vinyl without extras


us pop #113

us country #10

united kingdom #43


a legendary performer volume 4

this was the last album released in the "legendary performer" series.

beautiful package including a booklet and a picture suitable for 

framing. it is also one of the last albums produced by rca´s joan 


pl-84848 / germany 


pl-84848 / germany 

standard release without extras.


us pop #202

united kingdom #91



elvis forever (2lp set)

this is surely one of the most successful "german" elvis lp´s. it 

contains various hit singles from 1956 - 1970. pictured here is the 

first run of this blockbuster including a german booklet and many (at

the time) unreleased pictures. (later reissues came without the 

booklet). it also was very successful in austria and the netherlands 

reaching #4 and #2 respectively on their national charts. 

rca-germany eventually continued this series in 1980.

pjl2-8024 / germany 


pjl-28024 / netherlands


nl-89004 / germany (reissue 1980´s) 


nl-48024(2) / italy 1975

after the success in germany "rca-lineatre" relesed this album in italy.the album tracklist is the same like the german release. the artwork is , as you can see, totally different.

austria #04

germany #02

netherlands #02

elvis forever volume 2  (2lp set)

nl-89075 / germany 


elvis forever volume 3 (2lp set)

nl89076 / germany 


elvis forever volume 4 (2lp set)

nl-89870 / germany 


elvis forever volume 5 (2lp set)

nl-89954 / germany 


the elvis presley collection 
(2lp set)

lp 1 contains the same tracks like the camden release "you´ll never 

walk alone" (cdm-1088) first issued in 1970 plus one bonus track: 

"swing down sweet chariot". lp 2 has the same content like cdm-1110

(elvis sings hits from his movies) released in 1972.

pda-009 / uk


the elvis presley collection 
volume 2 (2lp set)

contains one complete (cas-2611 - seperate ways ) budget release 

from the 1970´s plus other songs from various rca-camden records.

pda-042 / uk 


the elvis presley collection 
volume 3 (2lp set)

like it´s  predecessors this collection contains 2 previously released 

rca-camden albums. record one: "please don´t stop loving me" 

(cam-485) record 2:  "flaming star" (cam-490)

pda-054 / uk

worldwide gold award hits, 
parts 1&2 (2lp set)

part 1 of the re-release of the 4 lp box set first issued in august 

1970. see also in the "lp & box sets chapter" for more infos.

rca record club r213690 / usa

worldwide gold award hits, 
parts 3&4 (2lp set)

part 2 of the re-release of the 4 lp box set first issued in august 

1970. see also in the "lp & box sets" chapter for more info.

rca record club r214657 / usa

our memories of elvis

first of 2 albums feauturing the "pure" elvis without the additional 

overdubs. pictured on the front sleeve are elvis ´father vernon and 

his manager col. tom parker.

pl-13279 / germany 

us pop #132

us country #06

united kingdom #72

canada country #01

our memories of elvis volume 2

pl-13448 / france 


us pop #157

us country #12

rare elvis

nice compilation from germany. includes 4 tracks recorded after the 

1973 tv special in hawaii for the u.s. screening of the show (first 

released on the albums "mahalo from elvis" in 1978 and "the king" in 

1979) also included are severall songs which were originally released

on 45 rpm singles but out of print at the time.

pl-42935 / germany


rare elvis volume 2

volume 2 in this series contains selections taken from the  u.s. box 

set "elvis aron presley" released in 1980 and 2 tracks (shake,rattle &

roll/flip flop & fly and a live version of "hound dog") from the motion

picture soundtrack album "this is elvis" released in 1981.

pl-89119 / germany

rare elvis volume 3

last volume in the "rare elvis" series. contains many outtakes and 

various singles not available at the time. 

pl-89051 / germany


20 filmhits 
(the best songs from his movies)

in 1984 / 1985 the german tv station "zdf" showed a couple of elvis´

movies to celebrate his 50th birthday. rca-germany produced 4 

different vinyl packages as soundtrack companions. pictured here is

the rare "club edition" single vinyl issue.

41112-4 / germany 


20 filmhits volume 2 
(the best songs from his movies)

volume 2 in the "20 filmhits series". like volume one only available as

a "club edition".

42886-2 / germany 


32 filmhits - 
das beste aus seinen filmen im "zdf "  (2lp set)

please note:

in the netherlands this double album had the title "golden film hits" 

and reached #42 on the charts.

28574-2 / germany

rare german club edition.


nl-89388 / germany 

this is the more common standard release produced in cooperation 

with german newspaper "bild am sonntag".


germany #11

netherlands #42

32 filmhits volume 2 - 
das beste aus seinen filmen im deutschen fernsehen (2lp set)

produced in cooperation with german newspaper "bams".

nl-89550(2) / germany 


essential elvis presley - 
the first movies

rca started the "essential elvis" series in 1986.  the series ended in 

1998 with volume 5, but only volume 1-3 were available on viny. the 

vinyl release of volume 3 was only available in europe. in some 

way´s this records were the predecessors of the "follow that dream" 

collectors label.the now (for elvis fans) famous producers roger 

semon and ernst jorgensen worked together for the first time, and 

the result is now legendary. 

volume 1 contains session outttakes from elvis´first three films and

was very well received from the critics back in 1988.

6738-1-r / usa

essential elvis volume 2 - 
stereo 57

the second volume of "essential elvis" offers elvis in binaural stereo

from the january 1957 sessions that produced severall hits.

pl-90250 / germany

united kingdom #60

essential elvis volume 3 - 
hits like never before

volume 3 features many alternate takes from elvis´ 1958 recording 

sessions. this volume is also the last one available on lp and cd. 

volume 4 and 5 were only available on cd.

pl-90486 / germany

united kingdom #71