1967 -  1975


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how great thou art

grammy award winner.

his 2nd full length gospel album.

how great thou art would in fact be elvis´ first non-soundtrack 

album recording of new material since "pot luck with elvis" in 1962,

and his first album release not to include any soundtrack recordings

since the previous gospel album in 1960. it also introduced producer

felton jarvis to elvis on the singer's second non-soundtrack sessions 

since may 1963. felton would continue to work with elvis for the 

remainder of his career.

nl-83758 / germany (reissue 1980´s) 

us pop #18

us cashbox #17

united kingdom #11

norway #20

double trouble

after his enthusiasm for his gospel album how great thou art made in 

the previous month in nashville,the recording session for the double 

trouble soundtrack were surely a qualitiy setback for elvis. even the

chosen release date for double trouble would prove unfortunate — 

the same day as the beatles' era-encapsulating landmark album, sgt. 

pepper's lonely hearts club band.

lpm-3787* / canada

*please note:

the cover pictures shows the mono release, while the record pictured

here is the stereo pressing.

nl-82564 / germany (reissue 1990´s) 


us pop #47

us cashbox #32

united kingdom #34


this is the only elvis soundtrack album which opened with a so called 

bonus song - "guitar man". the bonus songs in fact were the real 

highligts in this album, showing that elvis starts to make real music

once again.

nl-82565 / germany (reissue 1980´s) 

us pop #40

us cashbox #40

united kingdom #39


this album is a special one in many ways. rare is the only way to 

describe this u.s. pressing. this is the final lp released in dual 

formats, stereo and mono counterpart. in 1968 the music industry 

 worldwide decided to phase out the mono releases, what meant that

elvis´speedway album was pressed in very low quantities in mono. 

today this lp is one of the most sought records in the world

also this is the only elvis lp feauturing a song by another artist 

(nancy sinatra - "your groovy self"). it´s also his last movie 

soundtrack album .

lpm-3989 / usa 

nl-89012 / germany (reissue 1990´s)

us pop #82

us cashbox #33


singer presents elvis singing flaming star and others

the singer company sponsored elvis ´1968 nbc tv special. so

this album  was orginally only available through singer shops. it was 

released commercially in march 1969 by rca as a budget album. 

selection include many movie songs which were not available on lp at

the time. features one track from the forthcoming tv special - "tiger 


prs-279 / usa 

elvis sings flaming star
ints-1012 / germany

offical rca-victor release of album above.

first pressings of this album have albums from other artists pictured

at the back. later reissues have only announcements for other elvis 

albums on the backcover.

ints-1012 / germany


ints-1012 / germany (reissue 1970´s)


fcl1-7182 / france (reissue 1970´s) 

cds-1185 / uk (reissue 1970´s) 

us pop #96

united kingdom #02

australia #03


elvis tv special

please note: 

though the lpm prefix indicates a mono release; in fact a few tracks 

were recorded in true stereo.

maybe the greatest comeback in rock history. 18 million u.s.

houeseholds tuned in on december 3rd 1968 to find elvis ´face on the

sreen telling them if they were looking for trouble, they´d come to

the right place.

lpm-4088 / canada 


cl-13894 / germany (reissue early 1980´s)

reissue part of rca best buy series.

us pop #08

us cashbox #06

united kingdom #02

canada #04

australia #06

germany #72

the rockin ´days

a compilation of early elvis songs only available in western europe.

lsp-10204 / germany

a portrait in music
srs-558 / germany 

beautiful german compilation with foldout cover and booklet. the 

album charted after elvis ´dead in 1977 and peaked at #9 on the 

german charts. first issues of this record are easy to identfy, later 

issues only had a single pocket cover. (see "nl-89103" below)

srs-558 / germany 


srs-558 / germany (reisuue 1973)

foldout cover without poster and booklet.

nl-89103 / germany (reissue 1980´s) 

single pocket reissue without booklet and poster.

united kingdom #36

austria #19

germany #09

today, tomorrow and forever

another collection from germany with songs not available on lp at 

the time.

lsp-10220 / germany

from elvis in memphis

please note:

first pressings had the "in the ghetto" sticker on the front cover.

on later reissues the sticker was directly printed on the cover.

his legendary "comeback" album.

all tracks recorded at the "american sound" studio in memphis in 

1969. on august 23, 1969 elvis was featured on the cover of 

rolling stone, with the album receiving the lead review. peter 

guralnick, the magazine's reviewer, described it as "great ... flatly 

and unequivocally the equal of anything (presley) has ever done" and

praised the "evident passion which elvis has invested in this music", 

adding: "(he) is trying, and trying very hard, to please us. he needs 

to have our attention ... it is his involvement after all which comes 

as the surprise." billboard also published a positive review, saying 

that presley had "never sounded better, and the choice of material is

perfect". high fidelity wrote, "elvis has been through a number of

stages, and his latest is the best".

lsp-4155-d / germany 

lsp-4155 / germany (reissue 1970´s)

pl-84155 / spain (reissue probably 1980´s) 

us pop #13

us cashbox #09

us country #02

united kingdom #01

canada #10

australia #05

germany #14

netherlands #10

norway #1


from memphis to vegas / 
from vegas to memphis (2 lp set)

elvis ´first double album. disc one features selections from his 

comeback as a live performer in las vegas 1969 while disc 2 contains

songs recorded at the famed memphis sessions the same year.  both 

discs were later availably as two seperate albums callled "elvis in 

person" and "back in memphis" (see entries below)

lsp-6020 / usa

nl-89068(2) / germany (reissue 1980´s)


us pop #12

us cashbox #11

us country #05

united kingdom #03

canada #05

australia #07

germany #37

netherlands #10

norway #20


let´s be friends

a rca-camden budget compilation with many then unreleased songs.

compared with later albums released on the "rca-camden" or 

"pickwick" label this one has a good song selection.

ints-1103 / germany


cas-2408 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangement with rca.

ints-1103 germany (reissue early 1980´s)


us pop #105


on stage february 1970

this album mainly focuses on elvis  ´ 2nd engagement at the

international hotel in february 1970 but not all songs were recorded 

in february 1970. in fact a few tracks were recorded at his first 

 "international" engagement in 1969.

lsp-4362 / usa (reissue 1971)



us pop #13

us cashbox #08

us country #13

united kingdom #02

canada #06

australia #16

austria #07


almost in love

another budget album originally released on the camden label. 

contains many tracks which were unreleased or not avilable on other

albums at the time.

ints-1206 / germany (reissue 1970´s) 


cas-2440 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangement with rca.


us pop #35

united kingdom #37

elvis ´christmas album

this album includes 8 songs from his 1957 christmas album (loc-1035)

plus 2 newer recordings. ("if everyday was like christmas" and " 

mama liked the roses" recorded in 1967 and 1969 respectively).  it

re-entered the holiday or album charts many times again in severall 

different countries. it is believed that this is elvis ´most sold album

ever. see also "ints-1126" listed below.

cal-2428 / usa

cds-1155 / uk (reissue 1970´s)


cas-2426 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangemen with rca.

us *** #02

united kingdom #07

***billboard christmas album charts.

please note:

in the 1970´s billboard would not note christmas albums on their hot

200 charts.

elvis in person at the international hotel las vegas, nevada

features lp 1 from previously released 2 lp set. "from vegas to 

memphis-from memphis to vegas" first released in 1969.

nl-83892 / germany (reissue 1980´s)


that´s the way it is

this is the soundtrack to denis sander´s documentary of elvis ´ 

summer run  at the international hotel in august 1970. simply elvis 

at his best .

lsp-4445 / germany 


us pop #21

us cashbox #27

us country #08

united kingdom #12

canada #22

australia #13


elvis presley show

lsp-4445 / italy (reissue 1977)

beautiful italien version of the "that´s the way it is" album.



elvis country

one of his greatest albums throughout his whole career. even the 

cover is a highlight on his own.  the bulk of the album came from five

days of recording sessions in june 1970 which yielded 35 usable

tracks. elvis performed every track "live", recording his vocal part in

the same take as the band, as was standard practice for him. eight 

tracks from the session were released two months earlier in 

november 1970 on the that's the way it is album. during the sessions,

elvis and producer felton jarvis realized they had several 

countrysongs in hand and decided to record several more to create a

full album of country material. needing two more satisfactory 

tracks, elvis returned to the same studio in september where he 

recorded "snowbird" and a manic, one-take version of "whole lotta 

shakin' goin' on." nearly every style of country music is represented; 

bluegrass, honky tonk, western swing, rockabilly, countrypolitan, 

and even the then-nascent "outlaw" movement. snippets of the song 

"i was born about ten thousand years ago" act as a bridge between 

each track.

lsp-4460 / germany (reissue early 1980´s)

nl-83956 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

us pop #12

us cashbox #13

us country #06

united kingdom #06


you´ll never walk alone

another rca-camden budget album this time with religious songs. 

ints-1241 / germany


cdm-1088 / uk


us pop #69

united kingdom #20

canada #47


love letters from elvis

due to the cancelled session in march, rca-victor  released this album

of leftovers from the previous year, which didn´t do as well as the 

previous recent albums.

lsp-4530 / germany



us pop #33

us cashbox #22

us country #12

united kingdom #07


c´mon everybody

another rca-camden budget compilation. contains songs from various 

1960´s movies.

cal-2518 / usa


ints-1286 / germany

cas-2518 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangement with rca.


fcl1-7128 / france - verification pending

very rare and unquiqe cover made by rca-france.

us pop #70

united kingdom #05

canada #70


i got lucky

another rca-camden budget album containing various movie songs.

ints-1322 / germany

cds-1154 / uk


cas-2533 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangement with rca



15782-6 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

megarare german club edition from the 1980´s.

us pop #104

united kingdom #26


elvis sings the wonderful world of christmas

please note:

in the 1970´s billboard didn´t include christmas albums in their

regular hot 200 album charts. 

this album entered the holiday album charts many times in the

following years and reached twice #1 in 1972 and 1973 respectively.

by 2009 it had sold 3 million copies worldwide. elvis recorded this 

album earlier in 1971 at rca´s studios in nashville.

anl1-1936 / usa (reissue mid 1970´s)


us *** #01

us country #13

***billboard christmas album charts.

lsp-4579 / germany 

same content like album above but with a completely different 




elvis ´christmas album

this is a very rare album with an interesting background story:

produced in west germany this album was only sold in the d.d.r.

(german democratic republic) via their "intershop" outlets. though

the cover is verysimilar to "lsp 4579" (listed above) the content has

nothing to do with it.the tracklist is nearly the same as the "camden"

christmas album released in 1970 (see "cds-1155" also listed above) 

but has two bonus tracks added: "peace in the valley" and  "take my

hand precious lord"

(special thank´s for this info to piotr from poland)

ints-1126 / east germany - gdr 


elvis now

please note:

the same picture was later used for the pickwick reissue of "frankie 

& johny". see "acl-7007 "(1975).

despite the "now" in the title, the tracks on this album were recorded

anywhere from one to three years before its release. the beatles' 

"hey jude" was a leftover from the sessions at the american studio in

memphis in early 1969. "sylvia" and "i was born about ten thousand 

years ago" were recorded during the nashville sessions of june 1970

(the latter had been released in fragmentary form on the elvis 

country album). the rest of the songs were from more recent sessions

held at rca studio b in nashville in march, may, and june 1971. unlike

elvis' other albums of that period (elvis country, he touched me and 

elvis sings the wonderful world of christmas, each dedicated to a 

particular genre) elvis now encompasses a variety of genres, 

including country, gospel, soul and pop.

lsp-4671 / germany

lsp-4671 / usa (reissue mid 1970´s)


lsp-4671 / germany (reissue early 1980´s)


pl-89543 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

us pop #43

us country #45

united kingdom #12

canada #29

australia #43



he touched me

elvis ´final sacred album earned him another grammy award. (best

gospel album).

lsp-4690 / usa 


pl-89545 / germany (reissue 1980´s) 


us pop #79

us country #32

united kingdom #38

elvis sings hits from his movies - plus 2 recent hits

another rca camden budget compilation.

when you take a look at the tracklist it´s only fair to say that rca 

didn´t put a collection of his greatest movie songs in this album. (of 

course except "guitar man" and "big boss man" which both were non 

movie recordings).

cds-1110 / uk 


cds-1110 / france 


ints-1402 / germany


cas-2567 / usa (re-issue 1975)

reissue on the pickwick record label by arrangement with rca.

us pop #87

rock´n roll

reissue of elvis ´first united kingdom album (1956) with different 

cover and additional liner notes.

lsp-10380 / germany 


lsp-10380 / germany (reissue 1970´s) 


nl-89125 / germany (reissue 1980´s)


elvis as recorded at madison square garden

the kings return to the big apple. the performance captured on this

album is the evening show from june 10, 1972. the afternoon

performance was also recorded, but remained unreleased until the 

1990´s when it was released on compact disc. (an afternoon in the

garden). one track  from the afternoon performance  (i can´t stop 

loving you) appeared on the 1977 compilation "welcome to my 


afl1-4776 / usa (reissue 1970´s)


us pop #11

us cashbox #22

us country #08

united kingdom #03

canada #09

australia #18

austria #10


elvis as recorded at madison square garden -radio station banded special version
(2lp set)

megarare radio station promo. has the same music as the single disc

version but is banded for dee jay convenience. promotional issue 


sps-33-571-2 (lsp-4776) / usa 


burning love and hits from his movies vol.2

please see also in the "1976 - 1986" chapter for the "burning love"

club edition lp released in 1977 (65 896 3)

released on the camden label as a budget compilation. it is the first

(but sadly not the last) time that rca compiled a actual hit single 

with old movie songs. 

cas-2595 / usa 


ints-1414 / germany (reissue early 1980´s )


us pop #22

us country #10

united kingdom #02

seperate ways

one more time a budget album release on the rca-camden label.

this record has sadly the same shocking background story like the 

previous "burning love" album. once again rca coupled an actual hit

single (seperate ways & always on my mind) with older recordings. 

while in this case, it´s fair to say that the tracklist has more quality

than it´s predecessor, it is a testament to elvis ´talent that he was 

able to survive and thrive in spite of this creative negligence that 

would have finished the career of any lesser artist.

cds-1118 (cas-2611) / uk 


ints-1422 / germany

first pressings of this album are easy to identify as you can read 

"coming in early 1973"  in the green field announcing the "aloha tv

special"on the backcover. 

cas-2611 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue from the pickwick record label.


aloha from hawaii via satellite ("chicken of the sea" / "quadradisc" stickers) (2lp set)

soundtrack of the worlwide most watched tv show ever at the time.

the first pressings of this album where issued with "sneak preview"

stickers and made available to the sponsor "chicken of the sea".

please note: 

at least 2 fakes of this sticker exist. one is easy to identify since it´s

about half the size of the original. the other fake sticker appears 

coloured by hand and looks to have been cut by hand eventually 

using scissors.

vpsx-6089 / usa 


aloha from hawaii via satellite (autographed 2lp set)
vpsx-6089 / usa 

i purchased this one a few years ago from an renowned company in 

the states, which is specialised in selling autographed records from

many american artists including elvis. though i think this one should 

be authentic - the only 100 % shure way to possess an original is 

when you received it from elvis directly.

sr-6089 / germany 

us pop #01

us cashbox #01

us country #01

united kingdom #01

canada #01

australia #09

germany #38

netherlands #49

elvis (the "fool" album)

rush released after the enourmous success of the "aloha from hawaii

"album. this is the first release after the infamous "1973 buy out" 

deal between elvis and rca victor. this is also the only elvis lp which

never was reissued in the united states.

apl1-0283 / usa

pl-80283 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

us pop #52

us cashbox #25

us country #08

united kingdom #16

canada #76

australia #24


raised on rock / for ol ´times sake

all tracks recorded at the first memphis recording sessions since

1969. although this album was murdered by the critics , describing it

as "a rock record that would have made elvis laugh himself sick in 

the dayswhen he was actually playing the kind of music he´s 

eulogising now"this album still remains a favourite for many fans,

including me.

apl1-0388 / germany 


lsrca-70592 / yugoslavia

afl1-0388 / usa (reissue late 1970´s)


us pop #50

canada #48

australia #61


elvis (2lp set)

this lp set was only available via  mail order. the song selecticon 

includes tracks from the 1950´s and early 60´s. this lp was later 

re-released in 1977 after elvis ´ dead.

dpl2-0056(e) / usa

rock´n´ on  - 24 legendary hits (2lp set)

this compilation from australia contains many hits from the 1950´s 

and early 1960´s.

tsp-135 / australia

australia #10

good times

recorded in june and december 1973  at stax studios in memphis. 

the cover pictured here includes the "shrink sticker" announcing "i´ve

got a thing about you baby" and "take good care of her".

cpl1-0475 / usa 




cpl1-0475 / germany

pictured here is the german promo and the standard vinyl release.


nl-80475 / germany (reissue 1990´s)


us pop #90

us country #05

united kingdom #42

australia #89


elvis as recorded live on stage in memphis

elvis ´last live album released during his lifetime.

recorded at the memphis "mid south colliseum" on march 20,1974. 

the here included live version of "how great thou art" earned him his 

finale grammy award.

cpl-0606 / germany 

pictured here is the german promo lp.


cpl1-0606 / germany (reissue early 1980´s) 


us pop #33

us cashbox #39

us country #02

united kingdom #44

canada #27

australia #92


having fun with elvis on stage 
(a talking album only)

in 1974 elvis ´manager col. parker had the idea of releasing a 

longplay album, where rca would own no rights on. so parker 

released this album with elvis speaking live on stage between the 

songs, on his own label - boxcar. 

first it was only sold at elvis ´ concert tours troughout the us. 

the album was later made official by rca (apm1-0818) and marketed

as  a regulary concert album. "having fun" has been described as the 

worst album in elvis ´career and "the worst rock album of all time"

althoug one could easily note the lack of "rock´n roll" in the record. 

today nobody at rca has a rational explanation why this album 

reached #9(!!!!!) on the u.s. country charts.

please see also the "import and other labels" section.

boxcar (no number) / usa


cpm1-0818 / usa (reissue 1976)

us pop #130

us country #09


elvis ´40 greatest hits (2lp set)

very successful greatest hits compilation released in the uk only. it´s

also the first time that rca officially pressed an elvis record on 

coloured vinyl. contains previous released material from 1956 -1970.

pl-42691 / uk 


united kingdom #01


elvis - seine 40 größten hits 
(2lp set)

german version of the "40 greatest hits" album listed above.

distributed by the arcade label by arrangement with rca .

ad-e-g6 / germany


austria #01

germany #04

netherlands #10


promised land

one of his strongest 1970´s album. contains the remaining songs 

from the december 1973 "stax" session. the title track is a superb 

remake of chuck berry´s hit recording.

apl1-0873 / usa 


pl-80873 / germany (reissue 1980´s)


us pop #47

us country #01

united kingdom #27

canada #84


easy come easy go

another rca-camden budget release only available in western europe. 

includes songs which were available earlier on various other camden

lp´s.(see listings above). pictured here are 2 diferent label





elvis presley

france version of album above simply titled "elvis presley"

668 807 / france

pure gold

10 track album which contains previously released material. part of 

rca´s "pure gold" series which was very popular during the 1970´s 

because of their low price.the cover backside pictures more albums 

in this series by severall different artists. pictured here is the rare 

orange label only available until early 1976.  (later reissue had a 

yellow label)

anl1-10971 / usa 


pjl1-8078 / germany 

please note: 

the german edition had 2 extra tracks (frankie and johnny & clean up

your own backyard).


nl-89174 / germany (reissue 1980´s)

this reissue has a complete different back cover.

also "take off" has been removed from the album title.

has also 2 extra tracks.

nl-42366 / spain (reissue 1980´s)


91 13 0625 / cssr (probably early 1980´s) 

released by the opus record label by arrangement with rca.


us country #05

solid gold - pop revival

italian version of the "pure gold" album listed above.

the tracklisting is identical with the u.s. release. for unknown

reasons the album title is not present on the record labels. instead 

there is "pop revival" shown on both sides.

nl-10971(e) / italy


elvis today

great album recorded at rca´s hollywood studio in early 1975. 

this record also represents his last real studio recordings. (the

following two recording sessions took place at graceland in february

and oktober 1976 respectively).

the first cover pictured here still carries the shrink sticker anouncing

the hit single "t-r-o-u-b-l-e".

apl1-1039 / usa 



rca-6305 / japan 


us pop #57

us cashbox #40

us country #04

united kingdom #48

australia #46

norway #11

hits of the 70´s

nice compilation of hit singles from the early 1970´s. 

this album reached #30 in the u.k. album charts in 1977. 

it also did very well in germany and austria.

lpl1-7527 / germany


the u.s. male

one of the better rca-camden compilations with an interresting and

good tracklist.

cds-1150 / uk



the sun collection

this is rca´s first album release which only included elvis ´sun

recordings .

hy-1001 / germany 


us pop #76

us country #02

united kingdom #16

movie rocks

as part of rca - france "star series" programm, this album contains 

the same tracks like the "burning love" album from 1972.

fcl1-7147 / france 


20 fantastic hits

63070 / germany 

rare german club edition.


frankie and johnny

pickwick / camden reissue of the "frankie & johnny" movie 

soundtrack. despite the unsuitable cover it´s even more unbelievable

that 2 songs are missing. (chesay & look out, broadway).

acl-7007 / usa



solid rocks (2lp set)

repackage of 2 previously released rca-camden budget albums both 

originally released in 1971.

album 1: c´mon everybody (cal-2580)

album 2: i got lucky  (cal-2533) 

fjl2 7120 (rc 250) / france


king of rock´n roll (2lp set)

repackage of 2 previously released budget albums both originally 

released in 1968 and 1970. 

album 1: flaming star (prs-279 (ints-1012))

album 2: almost in love (cas-2440) 

fjl2 7220 / france


pictures of elvis

good compilation of well known movie songs. the front picture was

also used for the 1973 studio album "raised on rock"

pjl1-8079 / germany


pictures of elvis

same content like album above, but with a complete different cover.

this album charted in the u.k. after elvis ´dead in 1977 and reached 

#52 on the charts.

ints-5001 / uk