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worldwide 50 gold award hits 
(4lp box set)

in 1970, elvis was the first rock artist to earn a classical-style box 

set reissue of his hits. worldwide 50 gold award hits was four full 

lp´s packaged in a handsome set of a kind never before seen in rock 

music, much less rock & roll.

in the u.s. this box was also released  in the form of two "2lp sets".

please look in the "series" chapter.

lsrca-70851/2/3/4 / yugoslavia 

this cover is completely different than the u.s. and german release

(see lsp-6401). also included was a 16 page booklet made by col. 

parker´s company "all star shows" (see pics below).


lsp-6401 / germany (reissue early 1980´s)

please note: 

while the album number (lsp-6401) indicates a stereo release, all 

tracks are mono. also the photo book (as announced on cover) 

wasn´t included in this reissue.


us pop #45

us country #25

united kingdom #49

the other sides - 
worldwide gold award hits 
volume 2 (4lp box set)

this box set was conceived in 1970 along with it´s predecessor 

"lsp-6401", but went trough many changes before it´s release in 

august 1971. the folks at rca-victor weren´t too shure about the 

title. in april 1971 it was called "a touch of gold - elvis" and 

subsequently "backed with gold - elvis". a few weeks later it became 

"a touch of gold from worldwide 50 gold award hits volume 2" (!!??) 

before involving into it´s designated title. in addition to the 50 gold

award hits, the set also offered two special bonus items: "something 

from elvis ´wardrobe for you" and a "large full colour pullout 

reproduction of elvis!" in plain terms this meant that fans troughout 

the world would receive a piece of elvis ´clothing and a colour 

poster. though the clothing swatches were genuine, there was no 

guarantee that elvis actually wore each piece. 

lpm-6402 / usa 



1971 (1996)
the other sides - 
worldwide gold award hits 
volume 2 (2cd box set)

limited edition cd box, celebrating the 25th anniversary of this 

album.included in this package is a booklet and an envelope carrying

the  u.s. elvis stamp" from 1993. the envelope carries the "first day 

of issue" postmark from january 8,1993.

66921-2 / usa

us pop #120

the elvis presley collection 
(4lp box set)

this package was exclusively produced for the rainbow records 

company and mainly sold via mail order. though the records are all 

manufactored in the u.k. the set was sold in german speaking 

countries. it contains the following lp´s previously released on the 

rca-camden label:

album 1: you´ll never walk alone - cdm 1088

album 2: i got lucky - cds 1154

album 3: elvis sings hits from his movies - cds 1110

album 4: seperate way´s - cds 1118

rca-camden / rainbow r10001 / germany

1970´s / 1980´s (?)
43 golden rocks (4lp box set)

i have no detailed information about this box set.

the only known fact is that this is a repackage of 4 different 

rca-camden albums:

album 1: elvis sings hits from his movies - cds 1110

album 2: easy come easy go - cds 1146

album 3: seperate ways - cds 1118

album 4: you´ll never walk alone - cdm 1088

the box has no individual order nummer. though the records included

in the box are all manufactured in the uk, it is not exactly known in 

which country´s this set was available.

rca-camden "no number" / uk
verfication pending

100 super rocks (7lp box set)

this box set was released in germany as a "limited edition" shortly

after elvis ´dead. also included was a poster with the same painting

of elvis which was used  for the front of the box. (see pics below)

pl-42232 / germany


germany #25

mein star (3lp box set)

this box was rush released shortly after elvis´dead. it is a strange 

collection of some previously released albums without any context.

album 1: elvis golden records -  1958

album 2: love letters from elvis - 1971

album 3: elvis forever - 1974 (only the 2nd lp from this 2 lp set was 


for more details see in the "longplay" and "series" chapter.

66 479 7 / germany 

elvis presley (3lp box set)

this box set, shortly released after elvis´dead, contains many of his

1950´s hits. this box set was only available in france.

pl-42298 / france

pickwick pack (7lp set)

of course the name "pickwick pack" is not an official one. it is a 

specially wrapped package of 7 lp´s first released on the 

"rca-camden" label and later reissued by the "pickwick label" in 

cooperation with rca. the first version appeared in november 1978. 

a second one in february 1979. the only difference is that with the 

second edition "elvis´christmas album" was replaced with "frankie & 

johnny". there are also rumours that a third version with 6 lp´s 

exist, but i can´t confirm this. if you ever have the chance to get one

in a sealed condition - don´t open it! you´ll find the real value in the

still sealed ones.

cas-2428 elvis' christmas album (mono) - 1970

acl-7064 mahalo from elvis -1978

cas-2567 elvis sings hits from his movies, volume 1 - 1972 

cas-2472 you'll never walk alone - 1971

cas-2533 i got lucky - 1971

cas-2611 separate ways - 1972

cas-2595 burning love and hits from his movies, volume 2 - 1972

pickwick / rca - camden - no number / usa

the legendary recordings of elvis presley (6lp box set)

this box set was produced by rca exclusively for candlelight music.

it was available only via mail order.

dml6-0412 / usa 



elvis aron presley (8lp box set)

beautiful package produced by rca´s joan deary to celebrate the 

25th anniversary of elvis signing with rca victor. includes a 20 page 

photo and information booklet (pictured below). as an additional 

challenge to the elvis collector, there are 11 different limited edition

numbers found on this set - one letter prefix for each letter in the 

spelling of elvis aron presley. to complete the collection requires 11

different box sets, one each with the letters e-l-v-i-s-a-r-o-n-p-y. it´s 

safe to aproximate that a full set of the 11 boxes would be valued 

somwhat higher than 11 times the worth of a single set. (take a look 

at the 3rd picture below)

cpl8-3699 / usa


us pop #27

us country #08

united kingdom #21

canada #02


1980 (1998)
elvis aron presley (4cd box set)

short printed cd version of lp box set listed above with new liner 


07863-67455-2 / eu 

the legend (4lp box set)

released as a limited club edition this box contains the first two 

volumes of the "elvis forever" series. (look in the series chapter).

40694-2 / germany

his greatest hits (7lp box set)

made by rca music service exclusively for reader´s diges association.only available via mail order.

please note: 

a very similar box was released in 1979 (rd4a-010). this one included

8 discs instead of 7. disc 8 featured some of elvis ´sacred 


reader´s digest rd4a-010-2 / usa 



a golden celebration - 
elvis´ 50th anniversary 
(6lp box set)

rca celebrated elvis ´50th birthday in 1985 with this beautiful box 

set. included are severell sun outtakes, many tv appeareances 

from the 1950´s, rare live cuts from the mississippi - alabama fair 

and dairy show, home recordings and burbank outtakes. for more 

details about the "numbered collectible" sticker see "cpl8-3699"

(listed above)

cpm6-5172 / usa

us pop #80

us country #55

64 film hits - the best from his movies (4lp box + 1 maxi single)

beautiful package from germany. the records are all housed in a 

superb filmreel style tinbox. also included is a two track bonus disc 

feauturing "the elvis medley" bw. "always on my mind". pictured here

is the very rare german club edition. you can see the sticker with the

club edition numer (32421-0) applied on the backside of the tinbox.

see also "elvis 20 film hits vol.1 & 2" and "elvis 32 film hits vol. 1 & 

2" in the "series" chapter.

32421-0 (nl-89797) / germany 

collectors gold (3lp box set)

a collection of 48 previously unreleased tracks more common on cd. 

each record is dedicated to one chapter in elvis ´1960´s career. 

(hollywood 1960 - 1967, nashville 1960 - 1968, live in las vegas  


pl-90574(3) / germany 

united kingdom #57

netherlands #85


the king of rock´n roll - 
the complete 50´s masters 
(6lp box set)

vinyl issue of this now legendary box set. 15.000 editions only.

includes every master take and many rarities from 1953 - 1959. also

included is a 48 page booklet (you´ll find some pictures below), a 

sheet of rca records label stamps depicting elvis ´50´s record 

covers, a numbered, signed cerificate of authenticity and 3 rare   

bonus fotos suitable for framing.

pl-90689(6) / germany 



us pop #159

from nashville to memphis - 
the essential 60´s masters 
volume 1 
(6lp box set)

this is the very rare vinyl edition. there were only 10.000 made.

included are most of elvis ´1960 ´s studio recordings plus many 

unreleased alternate performances. also incudes a 48 page booklet 

(you´ll find some pics below) and a sheet of rca record label stamps 

depicting elvis´s 1960´s record covers.

74321 15430 1 / germany 

command performances - 
the essential 60´s masters 
volume 2 (2cd box set)

please note:

there was no vinyl edition available.

whereas volume 1 focused on elvis ´secular studio sessions, 

command performances documents the highlights of his movie

recording career from 1960 through 1969.

07863 66601 2 / eu 

walk a mile in my shoes - 
the essential 70´s masters 
(5cd box set)

please note:

there was no viny edition available

first european issue of this box set. included are all of his 1970´s 

singles, many studio outtakes and a somewhat like a "best of" cd 

focusing on his 1970´s live appearances.  there was no "vinyl 

edition" of this album available.

74321 30331 2 / eu

artist of the century (5lp box set)

in 1999 rca released a 3 cd set with elvis ´greatest performances as

choosen by fans, critics and fellow musicians all over the world. the 

limited editon lp box pictured here was made by the "castle music" 

label in the uk. also included was a lp sized booklet. (see pics below)

elvis 100 / uk

artist of the century (3cd box set)
07863 67732 2 / eu

cd version of the limited lp box pictured above.

this is the first pressing of this box set. each cd has a seperate 

booklet including the same content like the one pictured above.


us pop #163

united kingdom #89

netherlands #07

that´s the way it is - special edition 
(3cd box set)

07863 67938 2 / eu

beautiful 3 cd box celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 
"that´s the way it is" concert movie.  includes the original album plus a complete unreleased concert and various rehearsals from las vegas.

peace in the valley - 
the complete gospel recordings
 (5lp box set)

elvis 104 / uk

contains every studio master plus home recordings, rehearsals, live cuts and performances from the "million dollar quartet" sessions. this limited edition vinyl box set was made by the castle music group in the uk.

peace in the valley - 
the complete gospel recordings (3cd box set)

07863 67991 2 / eu

standard cd version of lp box set pictured above.