1965 - 1974

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do the clam / you´ll be gone

in the liner notes to the "elvis by the presley" cd ernst jorgensen 

wrote: when priscilla came to visit elvis in the u.s in the spring of 

1962, elvis proudly played her the new recordings he had just made 

in nashville. one of these was you´ll be gone, a new song that he had

just written himself with his good friends red west and charlie 

hodge. to his deep frustration, priscilla remarked that she liked his

rock´n roll recordings better. elvis had a fit, priscilla was devasted 

and elvis never tried to write a song again.

47-8500/ usa 

us pop #21/121

united kingdom #19

canada #16

australia #04

belgium #10

denmark #02

netherlands #30

israel #04


i´m yours / long lonely highway

"i'm yours" was written by don robertson and hal blair. the song was

recorded by elvis on june 26, 1961, at rca's nashville studios, and 

released on the album, pot luck with elvis, on june 5, 1962. it was 

not released as a single until three years later when it was featured 

in elvis´ 1965 film tickle me. "i'm yours" reached the top of the 

billboard easy listening chart to become elvis´ third consecutive 

number-one single on the chart.

47-8657 / usa 

soy tuyo / un camino largo y solitario

31a-0772 / argentina / 
33rpm compact single

very rare "argentina only" edition of u.s. single pictured above.

us pop #11/112

canada #02

australia #09

belgium #08

hong kong #03

sweden #--/11

tell me why / blue river

"tell me why" was recorded in 1957.

in the u.k.  "tell me why" was coupled with "puppet on a string" 

(rca-1489), while blue river was paired with "do not disturb" 

(rca-1504). both singles reached #15 and #22 respectively. the b-

sides were taken from the girl happy soundtrack.

pictured here is the rare "white label" promo.

47-870 / usa

us pop #33/95


crying in the chapel / 
i believe in the man in the sky

elvis recorded this song during the sessions for his gospel album, his 

hand in mine in october 1960. for some reasons it was not included 

on that album, but rather was held back by rca and finally released 

as an "easter special" single in april 1965 hitting number three on 

the billboard hot 100 singles chart and topping the easy listening 

chart for seven weeks. the single reached number one on the british

charts in 1965 where it stayed for two weeks.it was later included as

a bonus track on the 1967 gospel album, how great thou art. the 

single was eventually certified "platinum" by the riaa for sales in 

excess of one million units in the us alone.

447-0643 / usa 

rca-1455 / uk

us pop #03

us ac #01

united kingdom #01

canada #01

australia #01

austria #06

belgium #04

denmark #02

germany #23

hong kong #01

netherlands #13

ireland #01

israel #01

new zealand #03

norway #01

south africa #01

spain #01

sweden #02

puppet on a string / wooden heart

"puppet on a string" was taken from the girl happy soundtrack 


447-0650 / usa

us pop #14/110

us ac #03


frankie and johnny / 
please don´t stop loving me

both tracks taken from elvis ´20th motion picture "frankie & 


47-8780 / usa 

us pop #25/45

us ac #03

united kingdom #21

canada #04

new zealand #13

love letters / come what may

both tracks recorded at the "how great thou art " sessions in 

nashville earlierthis year.

47-8870 / germany

us pop #19/109

us ac #38

united kingdom #06

canada #12

australia #27

belgium #20

netherlands #27

ireland #07

sweden #13


how great thou art / so high

very rare promotional disc produced for u.s. radio stations. both 

tracks were taken from the grammy award winning "how great thou 

art album.

sp-45-162 / usa


big boss man / you don´t know me

one of 2 singles which set a new direction in elvis´ musical style.

the other is "guitar man / high heel sneekers" listed below.

he also performed "big boss man"  as part of an medley in the 1968 

nbc tv special.

45n-1534 / italy

47-9341 / germany

us pop #38/44

us ac #--/34

canada #--/20

australia #24

france #16


guitar man / high heel sneakers

in 1980 "guitar man" was rerecorded in a new electric arrangement 

with elvis´ vocal left intact. this version became a number one hit in 

the us country charts.

45n-1543 / italy

us pop #43

united kingdom #19

canada #10

australia #26

france #25

us male / stay away

track from his  movie "stay away joe" backed with "us male "

recorded at the "guitar man" sessions.

47-9645 / usa


47-9645 / india

very rare pressing from india with rca-victor standard cover.

us pop #28/67

us country #55

united kingdom #15

canada #25

australia #12

france #27

netherlands #37

ireland #12

please note: in 1969 billboard stops listing b side hits 

seperately on their charts. instead if both sides become 

hits, they ar listed as a single entry on the charts.


in the ghetto / any day now

after a break of 4 years, elvis was back in the billboard pop top 10 

with his most socially consicious lyrik, a mac davis composition that

he cut at his first memphis session since 1955.

47-9741 / germany 

us pop #03

us country #60

us ac #08

united kingdom #02

canada #02

australia #01

austria #04

belgium #01

denmark #09

germany #01

netherlands #04

ireland #01

italy #25

new zealand #01

norway #01

spain #01

sweden #01


suspicious minds / 
you´ll think of me

also recorded at the 1969 memphis sessions, elvis delievers a 

performance that is both passionate and self-contained.

47-9764 / germany

gb-13275 / usa (1989 gold standard reissue)

us pop #01

us ac #04

united kingdom #02

canada #01

australia #01

austria #13

belgium #01

denmark #03

germany #07

netherlands #06

ireland #02

new zealand #01

norway #10

south africa #01

spain #05

sweden #04


easy come, easy go / 
the love machine

very rare single from india.

as far as i know india was the only country were a single from this 

1966 movie was released. though filmed and recorded in 1966 the 

movie made it´s debut in india in late 1969.

rca-8006 / india


kentucky rain / my little friend

elvis ´first single of the new decade, released in january 1970.

featuring pianist ronnie milsap and written by eddie rabbitt and dick

heard, the single peaked at number 16 on the pop charts. it was also

recorded at american sound studio.

47-9791 / usa 

47-9791 / india

447-0675 / usa (1976 gold standard reissue)

us pop #16

us country #08

us ac #03

united kingdom #05

canada #03

australia #10

germany #40

ireland #14


don´t cry daddy / rubberneckin´

the song takes place in the mind of the husband of the wife and 

mother who is no longer present. (it is not stated in the lyrics 

whether her absence is due to death, marital separation, divorce or 

abandonment). the characters are the father, one of his unnamed 

children, and a young child named tommy. the unnamed child begs 

the father not to cry, saying they will find a new "mommy", and 

urges the father to play with the children as they did in happier 


74-16020 / germany

49.633 / france

srca-8440 / yugoslavia

rca -jugoton used the cover desing from the us and german

"suspicious minds" single.

us pop #06

us country #13

us ac #03

united kingdom #08

canada #05

australia #03

austria #10

belgium #02

denmark #06

germany #14

netherlands #23

ireland #04

new zealand #02

norway #04

south africa #03

sweden #13



the wonder of you / 
mama liked the roses

"the wonder of you" was one of elvis ´most successful singles in the 

u.k.ever, topping the u.k. single charts for 6 weeks in the summer of 

1970. elvis recorded his version of "the wonder of you" live in las 

vegas, nevada in february 1970. 

pb-2709 / germany

rca-1974 / uk

us pop #09

us country #37

us ac #01

united kingdom #01

canada #04

australia #03

belgium #06

germany #22

ireland #01

south africa #08

sweden #06

jailhouse rock / love me tender

n1623 / italy

later reissue  of two of his 1950´s hits.



you don´t have to say you love me
patch it up

"you don´t have" is a remake of dusty springfield´s 1966 hit 

recording. it was recorded by elvis for his 1970 album release that's 

the way it is from which it was issued as the second single. the track

had been recorded in the evening of 6 june 1970 in studio b of rca 

studios (nashville), being the third of seven songs recorded that 

night. elvis´ producer felton jarvis felt that the second take was 

good enough to serve as the master track but elvis insisted on a third

and final take

ss-1982 / japan

us pop #11

us country #56

us ac #01

united kingdom #09

canada #06

australia #07

belgium #16

france #01

ireland #17


i´ve lost you / 
the next step is love

"i've lost you" was written by alan blaikley and ken howard. 

matthews'southern comfort had originally recorded it in 1969, the

year before the elvis release. as a newly released single, elvis 

included it in his setlist during his third las vegas season 

(august/september 1970) and the version from 12 august dinner show

was included in the mgm movie elvis: that's the way it is.

srca-8434 / yugoslavia

us pop #32

us country #57

us ac #05

united kingdom #09

canada #26

australia #06

belgium #09

germany #40

ireland #15

i really don´t want to know / 
there goes my everything

both songs were taken from the superb "elvis country" album. "there

goes my everthing" was rewritten by dallas frazier in "he is my 

everything" and also recorded by elvis. it appeared in 1972 on 

elvis´last gospel album "he touched me"

47-9960 / india

447-0679 / usa (1989 gold standard reissue)

us pop #21

us country #23/09

us ac #02

united kingdom #--/06

canada #28

australia #13

belgium #19

where did they go lord / rags to riches

very powerful songs. sadenly both tracks didn´t get that attraction 

they deserved. elvis performed "rags to riches"  only one time live on

stage on his legendary new years concert in pittsburgh on december

31 , 1976. one of his later concerts. (see in the "import section" for

more infos)

47-9980 / germany 

us pop #33

us country #55

us ac #18

united kingdom #--/09

australia #34

ireland #--/12

live / only believe

taken from the "love letters from elvis" album.

47-9985 / germany 

us pop #53

us country #34

us ac #08

australia #44


i´m leavin´ / heart of rome

recorded in may 1971, elvis was shure that this would be a big hit 

for him. however, it did not catch on peaking only at 36 in the 

billboard hot 100. over the decades the song´s popularity has grown.

listeners have been pulled in by the song´s haunting melody and 

elvis´ understated vocals.

srca-88501 / yugoslavia

us pop #36

us ac #02

united kingdom #23

australia #83

it´s only love / 
the sound of your cry

two excellent songs that didn´t do well at the charts at the time.

maybe they were too complex for the mass market in the early 

1970´s as it was the case with te previous release "i´m leavin´".

48-1017 / usa

us pop #51

us ac #19

australia #59

merry christmas baby / 
o come, all ye faithful

“merry christmas baby” was as unlikely as it was welcome in the 

antiseptically “wonderful world of christmas,” a five-minute-plus 

blues jam on the 1948 charles brown classic in which elvis gnashed, 

wailed, and generally carried on in a way that seemed utterly out of

place (except it was elvis) amid all the conventional christmas 

pieties. the single was edited down to a manageable three minutes

and fifteen seconds and was put out mainly to service radio and 

jukeboxes. it failed to chart or sell much, but it made a musical 

impact at the time – and continues to. 

74-0572 / usa / promotional copy

until it´s time for you to go / 
we can make the morning

"until it's time for you to go" is a song from the 1965 album many a 

mile by canadian first nations singer-songwriter buffy sainte-marie.

the lyrics concern an ordinary man and woman who love each other,

but cannot stay together because they come from different worlds. 

the singer asks her (or his) lover: "don't ask why/don't ask how/don't 

ask forever/love me now." according to sainte-marie, the song 

"popped into my head while i was falling in love with someone i knew

couldn't stay with me."

srca-88560 / yugoslavia

us pop #40

us country #68

us ac #09

united kingdom #05

canada #12

australia #90


an american trilogy / 
the first time ever i say your face

elvis recorded "trilogy" earlier this year live on stage in las vegas.

though it stalled at a disappointing 66 in the billboard charts the

song became one of elvis´ most beloved recording. he also sang it 

live at the "aloha from hawaii"  tv special in 1973.

until todayover 465 versions of "an american trilogy" have been 

recorded by different artists.

srca-88590 / yugoslavia

us pop #66

us ac #31

united kingdom #08

burning love / 
it´s a matter of time

elvis ´last real rockin ´hit. producer felton jarvis had to practically

beg him to record this song. it turned out to be his biggest u.s. 

1970´s hit in the billboard pop charts.

74-0769 / germany

srca-88601 / yugoslavia

us pop #02

us country #--/36

us ac #--/09

united kingdom #07

canada #04

australia #03

austria #07

france #07

germany #31

netherlands #19

ireland #06

new zealand #06

south africa #07

sweden #12



seperate ways /
always on my mind

elvis recorded his version of "always on my mind" on march 29, 

1972,at the so called "burning love" sessions, a few weeks after his 

february separation from wife priscilla. the song received immense 

fame and critical appreciation and is considered one of the standout 

songs of the '70s for elvis. the song was released as the b-side of the 

"separate ways" single, which reached gold status in the u.s for sales 

of over a million copies. it was listed as a double sided hit reaching 

number 16 on billboard magazine's hot country singles chart in 

november 1972. in the uk "always on my mind" was the hit song and

"separate ways" was the b-side. it was voted the #1 song of presley's 

recording career in a poll conducted by "itv" in 2013

74-0815 / germany

gb-10486 / usa (1989 gold standard reissue)

us pop #20

us country #16/16

us ac #03

united kingdom #--/09

canada #08

ireland #--/09

steamroller blues / fool

"steamroller" was recorded live at the "aloha from hawaii" tv 

special, while "fool" was recorded at the "burning love" sessions in 

1972 in hollywood. "fool" is based on a composition from the famous

german bandleader james last.

74-0910 / germany

srca-88667 / yugoslavia

us pop #17

us country #31

us ac #--/12

united kingdom #--/15

australia #17/21

ireland #--/08

raised on rock / for ol ´times sake

recorded in memphis at the first "stax" session in july 1973.

74-16374 / germany

us pop #41

us ac #27

us country #--/42

united kingdom #36

australia #37


if you talk in your sleep / help me

both tracks were taken from elvis´ 1975 album promised land. they

were recorded during the second session at stax records in 

memphis,tennessee, in december 1973. "if you talk in your sleep" 

was written by elvis´ friend and bodyguard red west and songwriter

johnny christopher. the song was covered by little milton and 

reached no.34 on the billboard soul singles chart in april 1975. a live

version of"help me" was released in 1974 on the "live on stage in 


apbo-0280 / germany 

apbo-0280 / usa

us pop #17

us country #--/06

us ac #06

united kingdom #40

australia #37


i´ve got a thing about you baby / 
take good care of her

both songs were taken from the album "good times" (1974) and 

recorded at the stax studio in memphis in july, 1973. "i´ve got a 

thing" was written by tony joe white. he also wrote "polk salad 

annie" - a fan favourite of many of elvis´ live concerts.

please note:

the cover is announcing an "easter tv special" . a project  which was

never realized.

apbo-0195 / usa

us pop #39

us country #04

us ac #27

united kingdom #33

australia #43

ireland #20

south africa #--/18

promised land / it´s midnight

though "promised land" was orginally written and recorded by chuck 

berry, the lyrics fit surely for elvis ´live more than for any other.


pb-100074 / usa

pictured here is the u.s. grey label release.


pb-10074 / germany 

one more time a complete different german cover, 

announcing the "elvis forever" album on the backside.

us pop #14

us country #--/09

us ac #--/08

united kingdom #09

australia #41

france #25

ireland #07