ftd vinyl

the ftd label was founded in 1999 from elvis´ record company "bmg" 

(now "sony music").  "follow that dream records" is a collectors 

record label that only exists for the elvis music collector. the label is

mainly focused on compact discs feauturing unreleased material, but

since 2009 they also produce vinyl records in very limited quantity.



standing room only (2lp set)

88697-48444-1 (lsp-4762) / eu 

includes the album that never was plus bonus disc with previously 

unreleased outtakes.

presssed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl.




blue hawaii (2lp set)

88697-29733-1 (lsp2426) / eu 

includes original soundtrack lp plus new bonus album with previously 

unreleased outakes. pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl.

the jungle room sessions (2lp set)

506020-975004 / eu 

outtakes from elvis´ last studio sessions.

pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl.




jailhouse rock (2lp set)

506020-975007 (lsp-6420) /eu 

includes original soundtrack ep plus various session outtakes.

pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl.



good times - the outtakes (2lp set)

506020-975011 / eu 

unique unused original sleeve art reproduction.

pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl


viva las vegas (2lp set)

506020-975032 / eu 

includes original soundtrack plus various outtakes.

pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl-



how great thou art (2lp set)

506020-975016 (lsp-3758) / eu

includes original album plus many outtakes.

pressed on 180 grams heavyweight vinyl


the pot luck sessions (2lp set)

506020-9750255 (lsp-2523-2) / eu

includes many outtakes recorded  during the nashville sessions 

between june 1961 and march 1962. 

elvis sings guitar man (2lp set)

506020-975022 / eu

one more time an album that  would never haver been. includes many

outtakes from the 1966 and 1967 sessions recorded at rca´s studio b

in nashville.

the elvis is back! sessions (2lp set)

506020-975030 / eu

fantastic alternate version of elvis ´first  recordings sessions after 

he left the army. recorded in march and april 1960. it offers a 

superb insight into the actual recording sessions with many superb 

outtakes of this classic songs. 

his hand in mine (2lp set)

506020-975039 / eu

contains the original album and insightful outtakes from this 

legendary sesssions recorded in rca ´s "studio b " in late 1960.

promised land - 
the companion album (2lp set)

506020-975041 (apl1-0873-2) / eu

second ftd vinyl album with outtakes from the 1973 stax sessions. 

simply fantastic . includes many outtakes.

that´s the way it is - 
special edition (2lp set)

506020-975042 (lsp-4445-2) / eu

includes many studio, live and rehearsal performances.

pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl.

elvis country - special edition 
(2lp set)

506020-975051 (lsp-4460-2) / eu

includes many outtakes recorded june 4 - 8 and september 22, 1970 

at rca´s studio b, nashville.

g.i. blues (2lp set)

506020-975053 (lsp-2256-2) / eu

includes the original soundtrack plus many unreleased bonustracks 

recorded april & may 1960 at radio recorders, hollywood.

on stage - special edition (2lp set)

506020-975054 (lsp-4362-2) / eu

contains many unreleased performances from the las vegas shows 

recorded in 1969 & 1970 . pressed like any other ftd albums on 180 g

heavyweight vinyl.

please note:

with this release "ftd" stopped using printed inner sleeves. from now 

on these are simply made from white paper without any additional 


elvis as recorded live on stage in memphis (2lp set)

506020-975061 / eu

first vinyl release of the complete memphis show, recorded march

20, 1974.

from elvis in memphis - 
american sound sessions (2lp set)

506020-975060 / eu

first volume with outtakes from the memphis 1969 sessions.

back in memphis - 
american sound sessions 2 
(2lp set)


second volume with outtakes from the 1969 recording sessions.

hot august night (2lp set)

506020-975068 / eu

contains the complete midnight show from august 25, 1969 recorded 

live at the international hotel, las vegas.

the something for everybody sessions (2lp set)

506020-975072 (lsp-2370-2) / eu

contains many outtakes and bonus songs.

stay away, joe (2lp set)

506020-975073 / eu

this is the first ever soundtrack 12" album release of this motion picture. includes many outtakes from the sesions in october 1967 and january 1968.

elvis now...and again (2lp set)

506020-975077 / eu

contains many rare outtakes of the songs released on the "elvis now"

album back in 1972.

from elvis at american sound studio (2lp set)

506020-975078 / eu

this album completes the "memphis album" trilogy with many 

outtakes and also a few intrumental tracks form the 1969 american 

sound sessions.

moody blue (2lp set)

506020-975083 (afl1-2428) / eu

this is the ftd edition from elvis´ last album release during his 

livetime.to create a unique collectible, it is issued in clear vinyl and 

each pressing is hand numbered. this edition is limited to 1500. this 

double vinyl edition includes, session outtakes, rough mixes, 

undubbed versions.

he touched me - 
the recording sessions (2lp set)

506020-975093 (lsp-4690-2) / eu

since the original album is one of my biggest favourites i treasure 

this ftd release the most. contains many outtakes recorded in rca´s 

studio b in march, may & june 1971.

king creole - 
the original session monitor mixes

506020-975099 / e.u.

this is an unique one. it is the first time that "ftd" released a single 

viny album instead of a two disc set. the main reason is that there 

are not many outtakes from these sessions available because most of

the tapes are missing. pressed on 180 g clear vinyl and limited to 

3000 copies worldwide. all albums are hand numbered at the back 

side near the bar code.

elvis today - 
the original session mixes (2lp set)

506020-975147 / e.u.

"ftd" release of one of his strongest 1970´s albums. disc 1 contains 

the original session mixes made right after the session by producer 

felton jarvis without the later added overdubs. disc 2 contains 

various studio outtakes  recorded at the march 1975 sessions. also 

included in this package is  the superb "tiger man" jam also recorded

at the same sessions.