dear friends!

my name is jochen jakopitsch and i´m living in austria.

collecting elvis records is a challenge. to possess everything is simply impossible.

there are many "elvis vinyl" fans around the world with much bigger collections than mine,

so this page offers you only a small glimpse about 

elvis ´ worldwide vinyl records, but i sincerly hope you´ll enjoy it!!

i started collecting elvis records in the late 1970´s when i was a little boy. in the 70´s, of

course there was no internet and many datas and infos about records, available today, were

not on hand in the 70´s. also there were not many books about elvis records available at the

time and so i still remember the episode when i got the "elvis forever" double lp set as a

birthday present: inside the gatefold cover there were many elvis records pictured. among

them was the memphis live album from 1974. because it was the last one pictured i thought

elvis didn´t release any record after 1974 (what kind of fool i was?????!!!)

soon i became more and more interested in elvis´s records from other countries beside

germany and austria. so i learned soon that for example, through the years, there could have

been easily 15 different pressings from one album in one country .

my first intention to create this homepage was a simple one. i wanted to have a kind of

overview over my record collection, where i could (for example when i was at a record

convention) check if this or that record was already in my collection. but it didn ´t took all too

long when collectors from all around the world started to contact me, to give me support,

additional infos and many ideas to make it better. today i´m really surprised how many folks

enjoy and use this page.

most of the pages are still under construction. there are many records from my collection

which are still not included, because i have not so  much time for my favourite hobby at the

moment. so please check back often for regulary updates!

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