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superb site in german. includes a fantastic news page which is updated daily.
a real stunning site dedicated to the birthplace of modern popular music.
whether you´re a die hard music fan or a casual traveler in search of an interesting trip, you´ll find fact´s you didn´t know and recordings you´ve never seen before!
it doesn´t matter if you are an elvis expert or simply interested about serious talk about our man - that´s the right place! also included is a section for english speaking fans.
in my opinion the best elvis related vinyl side in the net.
the focus on this site is specifically on elvis´ u.s. releases.
it is by no means the most comprehensive and complete reference guide available; however this site offers informations that is found nowhere else.
one of the greatest elvis sites in the net. everytime i vistit it, i´m totally stunned about the many different cd´s presented on this page.
beautiful page from norway with fantastic infos about elvis´records, tours and many more. also includes a complete "follow that dream"  overview with many infos about the  particular releases.
jerry osborne is "the" elvis expert for  u.s. vinyl releases and memorabilia. he also met elvis in person a few times during the 1970´s and he received the now famous  "tcb" necklace from elvis in august 1973.

jeffrey schrembs is worldwide known as an elvis expert. he runs many websites, my favourite one is his elvis expert blog. be sure to visit his other elvis related sites  www.elviscollector.infoand

official homepage of elvis ´record company