1976 - 1986


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from elvis presley boulevard, 
memphis, tennessee 

elvis´s next to last "new" album release during his lifetime. 

all tracks recorded at the famous jungle room at graceland in 

february 1976. first pressings of this album have the "recorded live" 

line under the title on the cover. in this case "recorded live" meant 

live in the studio.

apl1-1506 / usa


apl1-1506 germany (reissue early 1980´s) 


pl-89266 germany (reissue 1980´s)


us pop #41

us country #01

united kingdom #29

canada #50

sweden #34


elvis in hollywood

originally released in western europe as "ppl1-8081" pictured here is

the very rare german "club edition" (65753). the album contains 20 

hits from his movies - from "jailhouse rock " trough "charro"

65753 (ppl1-8081) / germany



welcome to my world

very nice compilation, but all tracks were previously released at the

time. the two exceptions are "for the good times" and "i can´t stop

loving you" which were both taken from the the unreleased afternoon

show at madison square garden recorded back in 1972.

apl1-2274 / usa

pl-12274 / italy 


pl-12274 / uk 


us pop #44

us country #04

united kingdom #07

canada #26

australia #58

elvis in demand

elvis in demand though, was quite a unique album for its time. it 

came about when rca uk invited british fans of the official fan club

to select 16 songs from elvis's extensive recorded repertoire to 

represent studio work, hollywood film soundtracks and live shows. 

most songs picked were an assortment of singles, b-sides, album 

tracks and some obscure movie songs. the idea was to have on one

album, as many songs that were not available at that time. when 

news of the project first appeared in elvis monthly, to celebrate the 

21st birthday of the fan club, it was suggested that this would be a

good opportunity to fill in a few gaps for songs that were not 

currently available in the uk.

pl-42003 / italy

united kingdom #12

australia #89

moody blue

elvis ´finale album release during his livetime. producer felton jarvis

pieces together this album from cuts from the 1976 graceland 

sessions and songs recorded on the spring tour in 1977, having to add

the previously released "let me be there" to make up a minimum 

10track selection. "let me be there" was lifted from the memphis

show in 1974. see for the "recorded live on stage in memphis" album 

(cpl1-0606) in the "1967-1975" long play section.

the first 4 pics are from a still sealed copy . the shrink wrap still 

carries the 2 stickers announcing the blue vinyl and the hits "moody

blue" & "way down"

afl1-2428 / usa


66602-4 / germany (club edition)

pl-12428 / italy 


lsrca-70865 / yugoslavia


avs-4496 / argentina


nl-90252 / germany (reissue 1990´s) 


us pop #03

us cashbox #03

us country #01

united kingdom #03

canada #02

australia #03

austria #20

germany #19

netherlands #03

norway #03

new zealand #01

sweden #46

elvis in concert (2lp set)

soundtrack from the cbs tv special.

recorded during the last tour, june 1977.

pl-22587 / netherlands 

pl-82587 / germany (reissue 1990´s) 

us pop #05

us cashbox #03

us country #01

united kingdom #13

canada #04

australia #17


record covers (book with lp)

beautiful release from germany. the book pictures more then 75 

record covers from germany. (some examples pictured below). this

unique set includes also the biography which was first used for the 

original pressing of the "elvis forever" album in 1974. the record 

included in this set is the "portrait in music album" (srs-558),first 

released in 1968.

47110000 / germany

burning love

re-release of the "burning love and hits from his movies volume 2" 

album from 1972 with different cover. this issue was only available 

as a limited "club edition". see also in the "1967 - 1975" section for 

the original album.

65 896 3 club-edition / germany


mahalo from elvis

acl-7064 / usa 

very strange album released by the pickwick group in cooperation 

with rca shortly after elvis ´dead.

side 1 contains the five extra tracks elvis recorded back in 1973 for

the aloha special. side 2 features various movie songs from the mid 

1960´s. see also "cds-1190  - the king" (1979).

acl-7064 / usa 


he walks beside me;
favourite songs of faith and inspiration

this is a real beauty. a nice compilation including an unreleased 

version of "the impossible dream" taken from the madison square 

garden afternoon performance (june 1972)

pl-12772 / uk 


us pop #113

us country #06

united kingdom #37

elvis sings for children and grownups too

one more time a very curious album featuring various movie songs

with the exception of "old shep".  as a bonus a "memories of elvis 

greeting card" was included in this package.

cpl1-2901 / usa (fold out cover)

pl-12901 / germany (fold out cover)

us pop #130

us country #05

canada country #01


a canadian tribute

this album was released as a limited, numbered, gold vinyl edition as

well as the standard black vinyl version. although it is yet another

elvis compilation album, this one has the unique twist of elvis 

performing songs written by canadian songwriters, as well as hits

from 1957, the year elvis toured canada. while the music on this 

album can be found on previously released packages, the unique 

canadian slant makes it a must for any collector. 


kkl1-7065 / canada


us pop #86

us country #07

canada country #01

canada #01

the 56´ sessions volume 1

this 2 volume set was planned long before elvis died unexpected in 

august 1977. it was the first time that all of his 1956 recordings 

appeared in one collection.

pl-42101 / uk

united kingdom #47

the 56´sessions volume 2

pl-42102 / uk

pictures comming soon

united kindom #52

elvis in the movies

compilaton of previously released movie songs only available via 

"readers digest music service".

readers digest rds-9007 / uk

20 fantastic golden hits

rare german club edition.

38607-8 / germany 


the king...elvis

european version of the u.s .album "mahalo from elvis" (1978) with 

additional liner notes.

cds-1190 / uk 


easy come, easy go / kid galahad

in 1979 rca in germany re-released many of his 1960´s movie 

soundtracks in their original form on lp. beside them were 3 lp´s 

including movie soundtracks which were originally released as 

extendend plays, and out of print at the time.


jailhouse rock / tickle me

pl-42792 / germany 


love me tender / love in las vegas/follow that dream

pl-42793 / germany

jailhouse rock / love me tender

nl-42819 / italy

the legendary magic of elvis presley

mady by rca for candlelite music. only available in the u.s via mail 


dvl1-0464 / usa 


elvis presley sings leiber & stoller

nice hommage to one of elvis´ greatest songwriters, jerry leiber

and mike stoller

nl-89099 / germany 


united kingdom #32

goldene serie international

the "goldene serie" albums were very popular in german speaking 

countries in the late 1970´s until the mid 1980´s. this is the only 

elvis album in this series.

32 323-8 / germany

elvis - greatest hits volume 1

originally rca-victor had scheduled the "greatest hits" collection to

come out in september 1977 (afl1-2347), but cancelled it after elvis 

died unexpectedly on august 16. finally it was released in 1981, but 

this album wasn´t the awaited success so a volume 2 never 


pl-12347 / france 


us pop #142

us country #47

guitar man

re-recordings produced by felton jarvis. (elvis ´longtime friend and

record producer) felton died unexpected in january 1981, shortly 

after finishing this project.

pl-13917 / germany 


us pop #49

us country #06

united kingdom #33

australia #39

canada country #05

netherlands #28

rock´n roll forever

made by "rca special products" for "candlelight music" offered as a 

mail order bonus.

dml1-0437 / usa

double dynamite volume 1

this (and the next) album is something like a "compilation from the 

compilation. all tracks were previously available on various other 

camden releases from the 1970´s.

cds-1182 / uk

double dynamite volume 2

cds-1188 / uk

please don´t stop loving me

in the early 1980´s many "new" budget compilations appeared. 

most of them in the united kingdom on the rca-camden label.

cds-1175 / uk


heartbreak hotel

a rca-camden budget compilation.

cds-1204 / uk


return to sender

a rca-camden budget compilation.

cds-1200 / uk 


elvis presley

a rca-camden budget compilation.

cds-1201 / uk 


suspicious minds

a rca-camden budget compilation.

cds-1205 / uk

are you lonesome tonight

a rca-camden budget compilation

cds-1207 / uk

this is elvis (2lp set)

soundtrack from the 1981 documentary directed by andrew solt and 

macolm leo, based on elvis ´live.

cpl2-4031 / usa 

us pop #115

united kingdom #47

australia #84

in love with elvis

very nice and successful compilation from germany. 

pl-45321 / germany 


austria #07

germany #35

romantic elvis  - 20 love songs

compilation of love songs recorded in the 1960´s.

rcalp-1000 / uk

united kingdom #63

elvis in germany

nice compilation of track which have a referance to germany. also 

included is the complete content of the "elvis sails" extended play 

from 1958. see "epa-5157" in the "ep-section.

nl-43730 / germany

memories of christmas

cpl1-4395 / usa

us country #48

united kingdom #80

elvis presley 1956 - 
how a legend was born

all tracks recorded in 1956 except "peace in the valley" recorded in 

1957. this compilation was only available in italy.

nl-43735 / italy

elvis sings inspirational favorites

mail order bonus lp from "reader´s digest" with the purchase of the 

1983 edition of "elvis! his greatest hits".

(see in the "box set´s " chapter for more details)

reader´s digest / rca rd4a-181d / usa

elvis country

made by "rca-special products" for "era" records. sold via tv mail 


dpl1-0647 / usa

elvis, scotty and bill - 
the first year

side 1 contains live recordings from march 1955 (eagles hall - 

houston, texas) and an interview with elvis recorded in 

st.petersburg, florida on august 7, 1956.

side 2 contains an interview with  elvis´ lead guitarist scotty moore.

also included in this package is a booklet feauturing additional infos

and many pictures from this period.

please note:

this album was released by rca-records only in germany and in new

zealand. in all other countries including the u.s. this recordings have

been issued by severall other independent record companies.

pl-80504 / germany

the complete bonus songs (2lp set)

though this songs were originally used by rca as album fillers for his

movie soundtracks the bonus songs were often the best tracks in the

albums. one of my favourite compilation album.

nl-89115(2) / germany


i was the one

compilation of various recordings from the 1950´s.

take a look at the very unique rca label design.

pl-14678 / germany

us pop #183

us country #35

united kingdom #83

the legend

a rca-camden budget compilation.

cds-1212 / uk

the rock hits

though the tracklist here is very good compared to other camden 

releases it´s unbelivable that elvis ´dead is dated "july 1977" in the 

liner notes. a real shame when you think that this is a officially 

release and not a cheap pirate product.

this is one of the last "camden - budget" releases.

cds-1215 / uk

elvis sings the blues

a fantastic compilation with excellent liner notes. also the cover is a

real beauty.   

nl-89169 / germany 


i can help & other great hits

nice compilation of elvis ´ 1970´s hits.

nl-89287 / germany 


united kingdom #71

the first ten years

this is maybe the last camden budget compilation.

it seems that "cds 1215" (pictured above) was released in late 1983

while this album hit the market in early 1984

cds-1213 / uk



elvis sings world hits

though surely a good idea to release a compilation of elvis singing 

songs mainly made popular by other artists, the cover design  ruins 

this project completely. in my opinion one of the worst covers made 

by rca.

nl-89309 / germany

the first live recordings

all tracks recorded at the lousiana hayride in 1954 and 1955.

pg-89387 / germany


us pop #163

united kingdom #69


good compilation of rock songs recorded in 1956 & 1957.

the backcover shot was taken by alfred wertheimer.

pl-85182 / germany

us pop #154


greatest hits volume 1

good compilation of his early hits.

this album was first released in the u.k. in 1981.

pictures coming soon!

nl-89204 / germany


greatest hits volume 2

contains hits recorded between 1960 - 1970.

this album was first released in the u.k. in 1981.

track b5 "crying in the chapel" is miscredited.

real songwriter is artie glenn

nl-89168 / germany


elvis the pelvis (2lp set)

compilation from italy celebrating elvis´50th birthday containing

many of his 1950 ´s  hits.

nl-89515 / italy


reconsider baby

beautiful compilation with blues songs recorded between the 1950´s and early 1970´s pressed on blue vinyl. liner notes written by peter guralnick.

pl-85418 / germany

united kingdom #92

always on my mind

another nice compilation of elvis´ 1970´s hits.

this time in beautiful white vinyl.

pl-85430 / germany 


return of the rocker

nice compilation of 1960´s rockers.

5600-1-r / usa 


pl-85600 / germany 


us pop #154