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Dear friends and collectors worldwide! I received many emails, phone calls and even letters the last few weeks. As many of you noted I have some major technical problems with my homepage. The reason for this is that the CMS System with which I created this page was closed down without any warning on March 1st 2017. First I made the decision to close down the page, (as you know this is a nonprofit hobby HP and there are many costs and a lot of work necessary to recreate it), but the many positive reactions from collectors around the world moved me to decide to reconsider my initial decision. So I hope that in a few weeks elvisonrecords.com will be back again! Best wishes, Jochen
                    what´s new?  Updated april 14, 2017
 812 different records from all around the world with pictures and                                                   additional infos!

ftd - section updated

rca -victor singles
1961 i feel so bad / wild in the country/ compact 33 single/ 37-7880 / usa
1971 merry christmas baby / o come, all ye faithful/ 74-0572 / usa promo

rca-victor long play
2016 way down in the jungle room / e.u.
2016 merry christmas baby / e.u.
2016 i´m leavin´ / e.u.
2016 the wonder of you / e.u.

rca lp box sets
1978 pickwick pack / 7 lp set / usa

all records presented on this webpage are from my personal collection.
                                        they are not for sale!

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