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please note:

between the mid 1990´s until the early 2010´s many new 

compilations, sometimes with unreleased tracks appeared on 

compact disc but only a few of them were available on vinly. since 

the popularity of vinyl increased during the last  6 years, most of the

"new" cd releases are now available on vinyl again


the memphis record (2lp set)

very nice package focusing on elvis ´ recording sessions at the

american sound studio in 1969. his first memphis session since he left

sun records in 1955. the excellent liner notes were written by peter 


pl-86221(2) / germany 

the complete sun sessions (2lp set)

this is the second big album release from 1987. contains all the 

tracks - released & unreleased - which where known to exist at the 

time. one more time the liner notes were written by peter guralnick.

pl-86414 / germany

the top ten hits (2lp set)

included in this album was a "full colour" elvis poster.

at this issue only chart positions in the "billboard pop charts" were 


pl-86383 / germany

us pop #117


love me tender - romantic elvis (2lp set)

for some reasons this double lp wasn´t released on the rca label.

issued on the "bmg ariola label" (bmg was rca´s parent´s company at

the time) it reached #30 on the german album charts. it also 

performed well in austria and the netherlands.

ariola - 303150 / germany

austria #59

germany #30

netherlands #28

great hits of 1956 - 57

this album was only available as a free bonus from "reader´s digest" to buyers of an unrelated box set - one that has no elvis tracks.

reader´s digest - rb4-072/d / usa

the alternate aloha

first release of the "dress rehearsal" from the famous 1973


pl-86985 / germany


elvis la pelvis

tlp-60276 / argentinia


elvis gospel 1957 - 1971: 

known only to him

very good compilation of gospel songs with interresting liner notes,

written by jay orr and the late gorden stoker (jordanaires). 

pl-90355 / germany


the great performances

this is the soundtrack companion to a two volume home video release

of the same name. includes the first release of elvis ´first ever 

recording "my happiness"

pl-82227 / germany 


united kingdom #62

australia #51

for the asking (the lost album)

the individual songs on this lp may seem far more familiar than the 

title. everything here did get released in 1963 and 1964, but not the

way it was originally intended. all were recorded in nashville during 

mid-1962 for an album that would have been the follow-up to the pot

luck lp. but elvis' manager, colonel tom parker, apparently decided 

around this time that free-standing albums such as the latter weren't

as profitable as elvis´ movies and their related soundtracks and that

it made more sense to concentrate on soundtracks when it came to 

releasing his music.

nl-90513 / germany


the million dollar quartet

"million dollar quartet" is a recording of an impromptu jam session 

involving elvis, jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, and johnny cash made 

on december 4, 1956, at the sun record studios in memphis, 

tennessee. an article about the session was published in the memphis

press-scimitar under the title "million dollar quartet". the recording

was first released in europe in 1981 as the million dollar quartet 

with 17 tracks. a few years later more tracks were discovered. in 

1990, the recordings were released as "elvis presley - the million 

dollar quartet". this session is considered a seminal moment in rock 

and roll history.

pl-90465 / germany 


that´s all right

roct 5289-88 / russia


die hits der deutschen charts

one more time you´ll find a good album totally ruined by the cover

design. this album was the companion of the tv series "elvis" shown 

in german tv in 1991. it contains most (not all) of the songs charted 

in the german charts until this time. but who in hell came to the idea 

to couple a 1950´s elvis with a 1970´s jumpsuit???

pl-90583 / germany

elvis 56

in my opinion one of the most beautiful rca-vinyl releases of all time.

all pictures taken by alfred wertheimer in 1956.

08-033458-20 / eu 

united kingdom #42

i´ll be home for christmas

this 10" lp contains all christmas songs elvis recorded back in 1957. 

it was only available as a bonus disc at the first pressings from the 

"peace in the valley" box set (see in the "box sets" chapter for more 


elvis 109 / uk

loving you - collector´s edition

elvis 110 / uk 

jailhouse rock & love me tender - collector´s edition

elvis 111 / uk 

king creole - collector´s edition

elvis 112 / uk 

g.i- blues - collector´s edition

elvis 106 / uk 

elv1s 30 # 1 hits (2lp set)

when released, "elv1s: 30 #1 hits" was an instant success, going 

straight to the top of the albums charts in several countries and 

shipping mass quantities around the world. by 2003 the album had 

received certifications in more than fifteen regions and had sold 

millions of copies worldwide.

07863 68079 1 / eu


us pop #01

us country #01

united kingdom #01

canada #01

australia #01

austria #01

germany #03

netherlands #01

swissland #01

sweden #01

2nd to none (2lp set)

"2nd to none" was released as the sequel to the previous year's 

highly successful "elv1s: 30 #1 hits". the album included elvis's #1 

singles that did not appear on the previous release, other notable 

recordings, one previously unreleased recording ("i'm a roustabout") 

and a remix of "rubberneckin'" by paul oakenfold. although not as 

successful as its predecessor, 2nd to none made the top 10 in at 

least nine countries and received certifications in several regions.

82876 55241 1 / eu 


us pop #03

united kingdom #03

canada #04

australia #03

austria #05

germany #13

netherlands #22

swissland #07

sweden #05

elvis at stax (2lp set)

this critical acclaimed album chronicles the 40th aniversary of 

elvis´historic hometown studio sessions of july and december 1973. 

released in 3 different formats : 3 cd box set, single cd and the here

pictured 2 lp set.

movlp-872 / eu

united kingdom #70

australia #57

austria #64

germany #41

swissland #45

showroom internationale (2lp set)

this album was released for "record store day" black friday 2014 as a

limited edition. not all copies are numbered. also, some are 

numbered in the bottom right and some in the bottom left on the 

back cover.the album contains the dinner show from august 12, 1970

recorded at the international hotel, las vegas.

88875014761 / usa

if i can dream (2lp set)

this is elvis´first album  to enter the "billboard classical chart.

it jumped from #17 to #1 in its second week and held that position in 

its third week, while holding on to the #2 position for the next four 

weeks. all tracks were newly recorded with the london "royal 

philharmonic orchestra".though the fan reactions were mixed it went

straight to #1 in the u.k. charts. in my opinion a superb album, worth 

listinening time and time again!

88875140841 / eu

us pop #21

us classic #01

united kingdom #01

canada #24

australia #01

austria #02

germany #24

ireland #01

netherlands #17

scottland #01

swissland #27

sweden #48

i´m leavin´

superb compilation of folk-country themed songs recorded between 

1966-1973. this album was specially produced for "record store day 


88875195601 / eu


way down in the jungle room 
(2lp set)

since the original albums were alway´s favourites of mine i treasue 

this release very much.  the cd album features master recordings and 

outtakes from two recording sessions on february 2–8, 1976 and 

october 28–30, 1976 in the jungle room, a recording studio set up by 

elvis in the den of graceland in memphis, tennessee. the vinyl version

features only the outtakes and "in-the-studio dialog" newly mixed by 

matt ross-spang at the sam phillips recording studio.

88985318111 / e.u.

us pop #79

us country #06

united kingdom #16

australia #09

austria #32

germany #67

ireland #29

netherlands #25

sweden #59

swissland #26

sweden #48

merry christmas baby

cool reissue of elvis´christmas recordings only available on vinyl.

two different pressings were made - one in green and one in red 


rca legacy - 88985362331 / e.u.

the wonder of you (2lp set)

this is the follow up album to the highly successful "if i can dream" 

from 2015. since the fan reactions were also very mixed again the 

album became an international success. the album features archival 

vocal recordings of elvis accompanied by new orchestral 

arrangements by the royal philharmonic orchestra, recorded at the 

abbey road studios. it also features a duet with german singer 

helene fischer.

it is elvis' 13th uk number-one album, making him the solo artist with 

most uk number-one albums (and overall only behind the beatles with 

15 number-one albums).elvis also extended the record for most uk 

top 10 albums, with the wonder of you becoming his 52nd top 10 


889885362261 / e.u. 

us pop #47

us classic #01

united kingdom #01

canada #40

australia #03

austria #07

germany #11

ireland #04

netherlands #24

new zealand #02

scottland #02

swissland #11