1975  -  


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my boy / thinking about you

this one has a very interesting background story:

by the end of 1974 rca victor had released this single in severall 

countries. in belgium, australia and the u.k. it had peaked at number

5, in ireland it made it to number 4 and in malaysia it even became a

number one hit. encouraged by the international success, rca finally

released the single in january 1975 in the u.s. too. on the pop charts

it became elvis ´3rd top twenty hit on a row. on the "adult

contemporary charts" it even made all the way to number 1.

pb-10191 / germany

srca-88816 / yugoslavia

gb-10489 / usa (1989 gold standard reissue)

us pop #20

us country #14

us ac #01

united kingdom #05

canada #27

australia #10

netherlands #09

ireland #04

new zealand #12


my boy (stereo) / my boy (mono)

very rare usa promotional disc prduced for d.j´s and radio stations.

jh-10191 / usa


t-r-o-u-b-l-e / mr. songman

a fine rocker which was recorded only one month before it´s release 

in hollywood. "mr. songman" (a tune were elvis had a publishing

interest) was taken from the "promised  land" album and recorded in

memphis  in 1973.

pb-10278 / usa

us pop #35

us ac #--/42

us country #11

united kingdom #31

australia #43


t-r-o-u-b-l-e (stereo) / 
t-r-o-u-b-l-e (mono)

very rare usa promotional disc produced for d.j´s and radio stations.

jh-10278 / usa

bringin´it back / pieces of my life

this is the 2nd single culled from the "elvis today album".

two fine songs with haunting lyrics. sad that they didn´t get the 

attention they deserved. in the uk this single was never released.

srak-88871 / yugoslavia

us pop #65

us country #--/33

green green grass of home / 
make the world go away

a very rare german single. "green, green grass" was taken from the 

"elvis today" album while "make the world" was lifted from "elvis 

country" (a 1970 release). in the u.k. "green, green grass" was paired

with "thinking about you" (from the "promised land" album) and 

reached # 29 respectively. in the u.s. it was not released as a single.

ppbo-7028 / germany

united kingdom #29

hurt / for the heart

recorded in february 1976 at the famous "jungle room" at graceland.

while "hurt " is full of pain, "for the heart"  is one of elvis´ last 

evocation of the kind of subtly swinging music with which he started

out his career.

pb-10601 / germany

us pop #28

us country #06/45

us ac #07

united kingdom #37

south africa #09


moody blue / 
she think´s i still care

recorded at graceland in 1976, "moody blue" became one of his last

big hits. it was written by composer mark james who wrote a few of

elvis ´ best songs during the last decade. (for example suspicious 

minds, raised on rock a.o.)

pb-00857 / germany

us pop #31

us country #01

us ac #02

united kingdom #06

australia #17

belgium #04

france #04

netherlands #14

ireland #07

new zealand #05

norway #06

south africa #09

sweden #02


way down / pledging my love

elvis ´last single release during his lifetime. both sides were 

recorded at his finale graceland sessions in october 1976. as eclectic

at the end as he was at the beginning, he treats layng martine´s 

"way down" to a touch of gospel and boogie-woogie. "pledging my 

love" was a song of another memphian who died before his time. 

johnny ace committed suicide on christmas eve 1954, and "pledging 

my love" was his posthumous hit.

pb-10998 / usa

on the first 2 vinyl pics you can see the usa promotional issue.

pb-10998 / germany

pb-0998 / uk

us pop #18

us country #01

us ac #14

united kingdom #01

australia #06

austria #19

belgium #16

france #06

germany #15

netherlands #09

ireland #01

new zealand #07

norway #10

south africa #13


my way / america

first single released after elvis ´dead . both sides are live recordings

from 1977 and 1975 respectively.

rca-11165 / canada

pb-11165 / usa 

pb-1165 / germany

us pop #22

us country #02

us ac #06

united kingdom #09

canada #14

australia #63

netherlands #24

ireland #06



unchained melody / 
softly as i leave you

"unchained melody" is not the version from the "moody blue" lp. it 

was recorded in june 1977 during elvis ´finale tour and later heavily

overdubbed by felton jarvis. finally rca released the undubbed 

version, in which elvis played the piano, at the "great performances" 

lp (pl-82227) in 1990. "softly" is a soundboard recording from las 

vegas (1975) feauturing the great sherill (shaun) nielson. 

rca-11212 / canada

us pop #--/109

us country #06

united kingdom #02

australia #93/52

teddy bear / puppet on a string
taken from the very strange "elvis sings for children and 

grownups" album (pl-12901) . pictured here is the beautiful 

canadion green vinyl issue.

rca-11320 / canada

us pop #105

us country #78


are you lonesome tonight / 
beyond the reef

rca- victor released the famous laughing version first on the u.s. box

set "elvis aaron presley"  (cpl8-3699) in 1980. in germany were the 

box set was not officially available, rca coupled this track with 

"beyond the reef" for single release. though it was a major success, 

this single was not released in the u.k. or in the u.s. finally in 1982 

rca  coupled "are you lonesome" with "from a jack to a king" for u.k. 

release. it reached  #25 in the u.k. respectively.

pb-9630 / germany

united kingdom #25

australia #41

belgium #19

germany #27

netherlands #15

ireland #16

norway #09

sweden #03


moody blue / way down

rca-2718 / canada 

there goes my everything / 
you´ll never walk alone

both tracks taken from the album "elvis´ greatest hits - volume 1"

pb-3058 / germany

us country #73


guitar man / faded love

re-recordings produced by felton jarvis.

(elvis ´longtime friend an record producer)

felton died unexpected in 1981, shorlty after finishing this project

pb-12158 / usa

us pop #18

us country #01

us ac #16

united kingdom #43

australia #73

germany #12



lovin arms / you asked me to

second release from the "guitar man" album.

pb-2205 / germany

us country #08

united kingdom #47



baby let´s play house / hound dog

released to promote the "colden celebration" box set. (see in the 

"box sets" chapter). both tracks recorded live at the "mississippi - 

alabama fair & dairy show" in september 1956.

pb-13875 / usa


an american trilogy / 

the impossible dream

one of the rarest elvis ´singles after 1977.

only available in tupelo on august 16th 1982

jh-13302 / usa


i can help / the lady loves me

side 2 features an unreleased duet with ann magret from the movie

"viva las vegas". this single wasn´t released in the u.s.

pn-60115 / germany

united kingdom #30


merry christmas baby / 
santa claus is back in town 

pb-14237 / usa

pictured here is the green vinyl u.s. promo issue.


always on my mind / my boy

pb-1409 / usa 

united kingdom #59


the last farewell / it´s easy for you

pb-60202 / germany


an american trilogy / 
until it´s time for you to go

447-0685 / usa

very rare gold standard single. originally "american trilogy" was 

paired with "the first time ever i saw your face" while "until it´s

time"  was backed with "we can make the morning".

bot singles where originally released in 1972 and 1971 respectively.


unchained melody / 
are you sincere

gb-11988 / usa


a little less conversation
(junkie xl remix)

following the song's use in the 2001 film ocean's eleven, "a little less conversation" was remixed by dutch musician tom holkenborg, better known as junkie xl (alternatively jxl). the electronic remix featured elvis with a lower voice, and added emphasis to the 1968 guitars, horns and a funk drum beat. holkenborg is the first artist outside the presley organization to receive authorization from the elvis presley estate to remix an elvis song (in the 1980s, elvis' longtime producer felton jarvis had overseen remixes of a number of elvis recordings that saw new backing added to elvis´ original vocals, the first of which were released as the album guitar man in 1981). the electronic version of the song became a number-one hit in the uk in 2002. the song also became a top ten hit in upwards of 17 other countries, reaching no. 1 in at least 10 of them.

pictures coming soon!

us pop #50

us ac #26

united kingdom #01

canada #01

australia #01

austria #03

belgium #03

denmark #01

france #15

germany #08

netherlands #01

reland #01

italy #03

norway #01

sweden #01


(paul oakenfold remix)

in 2003 paul oakenfold remixed “rubberneckin'”, and it was

released as a single and on the album "elv1s: 2nd to none". the 

remixed song was used in a commercial by toyota to introduce their 

solara model. it peaked at #3 on the australia singles top 50 and 

stayed there for 1 week. it also hit the top 10 in denmark, finland, 

ireland, and the united kingdom but only managed to hit #94 on the 

billboard hot 100.

82876-54218-1 / eu 


us pop #94

united kingdom #05

canada #02

australia #03

austria #23

germany #51